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Change with the rally but if anything happened the first people you're going to hear about are the golden state warriors are the biggest names in the rally and that's unfortunate so we'd have to prepare dante on this i mean look i'm not gonna say hypocritical because he wasn't at a march steve kerr was at the march for our lives you know week or two before you know when you have the movement if you if we want to call it it's a social justice movement you have different people doing different roles everybody is not going to be out there marching even if they have time that just may not be their demeanor you don't see corporate type people for the most part out marching you at people with money they may not want to march but they may support it financially politicians and lawmakers may not be out there with people rallying and fist up in margin but they can affect it in the courtroom and then the in the justice system and things like that so you have different people with different roles i think look it would have been nice fine if they would have been out there arching maybe it would have been better but i think athletes are doing something significant when they do speak out when they do wear the t shirts because that is keeping the message in the public eye the question is is it fair to make steve kerr explain it that's the question so my answer is yes steve has fostered a political slash sports environment right i'm comfortable with that.

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