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Cave happy hour whiskey cigars. Spirits is stories that go along with Jamie Flanagan. Hey good afternoon. Good evening in podcasts. World I am at Fox and we have Joe Louis Bourbon on tap again these days with Joe Louis. Bourbon guys. Thanks her Always being such great hosts and having US along to have some fun with some Bourbon and stories and we have both today. We have a bartender on tap and we have a master storyteller on tap for today as well Jj Peter. The owners are here with us. Michael is here. He's getting the word out. Nationwide and tear is going to be pouring some drinks. Charles Charles Davison. He wrote a book called Detroit city at champions. It's all about the nineteen thirty five year and how Detroit became such a conic city for sports. And how Joe? Lewis is a massive colossal part of that icon Iq Sports Heritage Detroit and Yeah we're excited for the conversations tonight. Peter you what is your main question. Peter was like so excited that he got got to talk to Charles. Was there something in particular Peter that you wanted to ask Charles? I was really amazed when we back. Liz at Joe Louis is life we just keep finding somebody more of Americana and I think people my generation don't really remember Detroit as the roaring thriving metropolis where everything was cool and in to me. Nineteen thirty five was moment. Timely Detroit was coolest place on even have.

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