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What is easy for the New York metropolitans and also way maybe reading and hearing with news leaking out every other day. Oh, wait just a moment. Maybe not every other day, maybe every day. But today was the official day with the bidding and you know there are six or seven suitors, but I don't think six or seven suitors are going to be taken all of them to be taken seriously. I don't think that's the case. We now Steve Cohen. Is the guy with the most money. We know That's an editorial we because you know, and I know and we all know That he goes by the Golden rule and the Golden rule, says those with the gold rules. He has more money than anyone else. And so on. And I heard earlier today, listening to the fan in New York City. I heard listening today to the fan. That is sin. Why? Aside from the team, that s and why it may be worth under itself. $2 billion. So you're talking if you're the well, bonds, you know, and you need some cash. What do you you don't think they need so They always need cash, of course. They have so much of that You don't know the half of it, or probably you do and again, they may sell the team for two billion and then go about selling and said Why 42 more 1,000,000,000 they may walk away with enough money to pay off their deads and and go about doing there really estate thing, And if you're a New York Matt fault van, you will wish them adios and and good luck on the other side and be well and goes, I got Santa's Howie Rose might say, Ana Shawn Green home run. The bottom line is we would wish them well and we hope to be wishing them well more sooner than later. But they will. Basically they'll try to get every single dollar They can out of Steve cones, so I anticipate they will be leaking. And maybe even some of the bidders might be leaked. And some information, too. But, you know, I've read a build a leverage for either the bidders and or mister and son, Mr Wilpon and son Jeff to very popular owners. Among that fans, I think Maybe I should be. You know, maybe I should be a little bit upset with myself because I know we're all going to miss the mark Week. Oh, I'm sure we are because after all, they have had such a connection with every single metropolitan van. So we would miss him. Listen to maybe in a little bit mean and nasty saying, you know, audio's and as they ride off into the sunset, and between you and me and the lamppost everyone knows that you If you are the metropolitan van, you can't wait. For them to be riding off into the sunset. And here comes Steve Cone has got more money, and he's got enough. Probably, you know, to look into his left pocket to pay for the metropolitans the team and then look into his right pocket. To pay for s And why, if Andy that is going to be a part of the sale that the Wilpons are going to be holding one thing we know for sure they are going to sell the team. That's no if Sands of us just can't afford to pay Bobby Bania anymore, So that's some of the end. Bobby Bunny has to be paid until 2035 2072 years of age. So on my mind all day long was, of course, a couple of things someone number one was baseball Number two was base mall and number three was baseball. And then there were a few other things after that. Because I happened to read what Julian Edelman had to say. And, of course, what he was doing was trying to understand what was going on with the show on Jackson and trying to educate him and trying to inform him. Because it's almost unbelievable that a different Jackson would ve as ignorant as it appears that he has ven regarding Hitler and Louis Farrakhan. And maybe more so Hitler. I mean, it is hard to believe that he's not aware of the devil himself and devil one and devil one, eh? With a Louis Farrakhan as a racist and bigoted and anti Semetic as Khun B. Louis Farrakhan so he might be a little bit more familiar with him, but I think it had more to do with ignorance than hate. And I think that was also communicated. I think that was also found by Julian Edelman and also Mitchell Schwartz, the offensive linemen of the Kansas City Chiefs that they both with the Instagram came out and kind of extended the opportunity. Do it to Sean Jackson for some education for some information and both of them in their instagram and both of them, showing some respect for black lives matter. And both of them showing how it's going to take effort is going to take some work, and certainly it's going to take some time for the blacks and the whites and, oh, everybody else, including Jewish people, too. Let's face it. They know from how you say discrimination, advise and hate, of course, and everyone knows that and two short Jackson. He's got an invite from Julian Edelman. And I hope he takes Julian Edelman up on it. The Memorial Holocaust Museum in Washington, D C. Say and then to turn things around, Julian Edelman would love to be going with Dish on Jackson also stand right there in Washington, D. C. To learn more about what kind of hate and what kind of bias and what kind of racism that African Americans have suffered and taking a a little bit of a visit with the museum they have there. And then he heard from Mitchell, Ford's who also Jewish, and also willing to extend some information and some education. And sharing some conversation with a dish on Jackson and I'll begin to think that he really is sorry for what he posted for what he said if he takes up both Edelman And takes a trip to the museum, the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D. C and also takes up with Mitchell of Schwartz. With what he had to say inviting him for Ah, conversation were possibly how you say in the trade. Both sides now can learn a little bit about each other and their culture and their heritage and that's really and that's really how it starts. One on one for them, and for us, too. Now we'll get back. We have some lines open and of course we are, As we say in the trade, just getting underway for the rest of tonight. Not much of a Thursday and soon will be into Friday and soon will be the three o'clock in the morning. And we'd love to talk with you at the 1877 3376666 the number to call on your fan New York City. You've been camping in your backyard cycling in your living. You've been enjoying rain showers in your bathroom, switch to.

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