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My first the first part of the season like you know it was more like depress. You know not playing for the first time digging. I'm not good enough. And then and i'm always give credit mark jackson just he just worked with me. And that's this big checks. Yeah big mark. Jackson and from philly he was saying. Look what you looking at. That's not the nba bro. He said and he told me he said listen. I said eventually a whole season. I played twenty five games. The last twenty five games of the season and signed a contract with twenty five million. And i'm sitting here life serious air. He said yeah. Listen be ready when they call you like all is depressed of now. We're going to work. And he was hurt at the time waking up at six o'clock five thirty in the morning. We have practice at eleven. We're going to gym getting shot. So me and him playing one on one and he's teaching me how to be a real pro. You know what. I mean like you know veterans know vets back. Then they'll still position any tangible since you know he's the big man and he's just listened this how you work in a weightlifting and getting her early trying to figure out how to eat and you know from just watching the learning no. I hear stories of kobe going. Kobe does before the game mean you. Just okay let me see zone before the game and you start just picking and see what the league doing you got your team but you want to try to see what the elitist because they don't show any secrets seeker so you have to find a way to see what these guys are doing so from. There's now it's like all right. I need to come up with my own game plan. Start preparing okay. The first bus comes here. I come on the first bus. you know. then it's like trying to get your shots out and trying to get your rhythm everybody's shooting so then. I started taking a cab. You guys who take uber over to the game you play the first bus at five thirty uber and air three now. You don't got all your shots saying did your whole so you don't interfere with no one in. I mean you have to figure out how to just because that's what people are like. oh man. He's going through rookie slump. Such thing the slump is this. You've been taking five hundred six hundred shots every day in the summer right and then during the season you play back to back then you have a day off you tend to day off and then back back right instead of getting those three thousand shots up you probably got five hundred and i mean so you shot is not exactly where it is and then that's what messes which ahead on going to slob and then from there but now you gotta put in the work that you put it. I mean trying to figure out how to keep your your same routine that season s that now what thing. Now you're talking about is just because you've got a schedule you got games. You're traveling all that cool. But you still gotta get your time in as a hooper in stay stay sharp. And then now what would i do. And i think what you're saying goes you could follow that routine and that's cookie cutter for everybody. You don't wanna be cookie cutter players. You want to follow that pattern so you got to look at things like little cracks. I can get into our advantages. I can take and it'll make me a better player but also give me more time. That's really what you did. Because at that level expected new to be professional in. Put your own skill. You really think houston having practiced to work on plays jing. You.

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