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Hey, everybody. This is behind the bastards. I'm Robert Evans. I'm here with Cody Johnston and Katie stole and Cody is furious because of something that happened on the internet early guard smoke coming out of it. Here's. Omar, he's really angry. There's nothing I can do is nothing to do about. It is someone was blatantly wrong online on on the internet. And they set it, and they said hateful support it, and I'm so. You know, what's healthy? This awesome. Waited for your heart. Good lungs. I find the best way through this is just to keep reopening wounds. Yeah. And then putting some salt in it. Okay. And then talking about it and really focusing on it. That's good. If you tried numbing yourself with drugs and alcohol. That's right super guy. That's. Not part of that step once it's unbearably painful you consume whatever you need to get through the next twelve hours. Always get like, these emails like DM civic. Hey the show. But like how do you keep saying like, yeah, we what he's talking about? I'm I'm never not. Hi, how do you relax? And you say, I don't I mean, I do drugs and rewatch community for the fifth time. Feel like the world. Same Vermont's Rama in the background. I'm. I have to admit I've never read, Harry Potter and Niamh a listening to them. Sounds soothing. That sounds soothing. I can't wait to get back in my car and listen to it. It's nice. It's nice. It's not what happens to the gang. Mhm Jim nail what pressure optimistic fiction Star Trek? The next generation. Ooh. Yeah. You don't think too much about what's happening now in the fact that when they rebooted it's probably just going to be Picard punching pieces seventy six rather than choosing to use his words instead of weaponry because diplomacy compassion perhaps like that episode where like there's this space monster that kills a couple of hundred people but the new like, oh, just hungry. We can find a way to make sure it doesn't kill anymore people without killing it because it's better to not kill things. Even if they've done wrong, if they don't know that what they've done was wrong because they're an animal how sometimes not killing better. On sept. Talk about Nazis in America, go. Yeah. Okay. So when we just left off twenty thousand people had rallied at Madison Square Garden to support the German American Boone a hundred thousand anti-fascist shown up outside they had fought with the police the largest display of force in NYPD history to protect the fascist fascist fascist had beaten, the shit out of a Jewish. Boy who run on stage win Fritz Kuhn was directly attacking Jewish race to applause to applause riotous. Cheers joyful. That's unfamiliar. Yeah. We're all cut up up to feed. Now, we're all that up to speed about what happened two days ago on this podcast. Now there are numerous accounts a police failing intervene against violent fascist mobs throughout the nineteen thirties in nineteen thirty three after the first pro Nazi rallies in Los Angeles. A World War One veteran named leeann Lewis started a grassroots undercover spying operation along with several other disabled veterans, they joint various fascist groups, including the silver shirts in order to report on their operations. When Lewis went to the police to talk about what he had seen the silver shirts planning, which was the overthrow of the democratically like the government and extermination of several raises the enslavement of black when he went to the LAPD with this minnow throw to the LA times, quote, not only with the police unconcerned they were sympathetic to the Nazi silver shirts. I have records of Leon Louis going to Los Angeles police chief Jim to gun Davis. And telling them, look, I'm not just some amateur. I was actually a captain I did some intelligence in the army. I have these veterans with me, and we have uncovered a plot to seize the armories here. We're all the munitions and weapons we know they are actively buying guns and San Diego, and they're planning to take over the city government takeover, the.

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