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Is oscar. By case for oscar to be honest cova did him a fucking solid code pretty good man that delta variants pop and right. Now that's it yeah. He said he was fully vaccinated to directly for me despite being fully backs. Nf contracted kobe to be able to fight next weekend preference comeback and everything and what everyone is saying all right. Well probably best. I think you've got start. Yeah this below. The belt is brought to you by liquid death. If you've seen if you've watched any show that i've done or even when i'm on the road i'm always drinking water now because water is healthy. Even though i was anti water for quite some time. I found my my water. And it's liquid death right. I know it looks like a tallboy. Like i'm drinking beer on every show bummed non alcoholic. This is actually just watered. The black canvas sparkling water the white cans regular just flat water. All right. it's called liquid death because it will murder your thirst and help bring death to plastic bottles. Nobody likes plastic bottles. Get recycle them. Chicken recycle these. Most plastic is recyclable. And ends up in. Landfills loom cans are definitely recyclable. They are crack one. Open enjoy it. I'm always staying on these things. All right it's only in two places. Some eleven in whole foods ever been there. Go find him. Give free shipping on all water merch at liquid death dot com slash speedy. Tb that's liquid. Death dot com slash bb or. Grab some at whole foods or seven eleven. Get yourself on the california commission. Wouldn't sanction a belfort an holyfield. So they're moving to florida. Make sense yes i am. I'm telling you man. I don't know How vendors that mentally out. Assume the setup of anivers- tyson Event or vitor. Now if a vendor get starts let's say it's knocked down like thirty seconds tyson. Still fight him. I mean if it's It won't be as enticing. The main events anderson. because tito. if you're boxing you're one of the leaders in box and right your goddamn and where do we go wrong. We got tito verse sanderson. We had a veterinary for his veto bill for yet to youtube kids taking over the space. Yes just dropped the goddamn ball man. The the next like real fight to what fucking fury and wilder in october a real boxing match. Yeah plant personnel. I'm excited for that one. I love plant kill plants. A monster does he beat Canal tough fight. But have you look like now when i saw that charity function. Maybe some drinks. I don't know maybe just out of it. The guy did have to whisper in his ear. Everybody's name and show more to go medias and conor mcgregor going back all these two. I can't get enough of them. They went pretty far a tunnel into four years. When you're healed up. Bunts heal blunt force trauma to the brain. Not so much. See you whenever i want. And then kinda goes you. Take our work for motherfucker. Ha ha will then work hardy little cockroach forever rich by And it continues on other. Keep going to keep going bro. You can't walk or fight right now. I talking shit who can't come through and see little skinny fool. You be smacked up and rolled up bomb calories mine now bitch should learn how to not break your leg when i checked your shit and crutched out of the fight with me how you gonna fight me. When he can't run for your life. This time we your broken ass. You lost the fight in ran for the hills just like kebab. You are a pussy to man all right. What do they know how to stoke the fire. naper don't forget. Cobb was scared as hell of me. And he beat your ass and fish you off. And don't forget dpzsz geared. Dustin pori scared me. Also but he beat your ass and fishy to your all pussies and the connor says he fled the cage box. His whole family around nobody fishery mate. I broke my leg. No one or nothing else on anything to me anyway. Don't worry about them. I'm hearing callie matz doing what i want. It's three on. Its three on the street. Now mate fuck your little sport. It's three does that the trilogy's industries. Oh please don't find the streets so we can aged and the nate go. There's there grammar's not great. That's all right though. It's just business. You're you're you're the sports ban. I showed you guys the street. Should i fought both your teams out the cage before any of you guys space. That please realized that the real fight game sporty little bitches. Connor put on a hair trigger. May you stay where you are in hiding if you know. What's good for you bro. God bless your kid have a good day and that means on the double triple champion of this whole shit fucked all you pussies and then kinda put into the belly when i get you uh-huh. Psu jumped ship on your country. Bitch go home. don't you. Got any friends are they. Is this late at night. All right and then collar put little cockroach diaz brother. It's three on the issue but trilogy on the street grabbed. The heat grabbed the heat. Who because it. Luke enter the chat. Show you the the chad. And then put i in disguise career. What happened in get him back here. You need some help. Why you just throw your friends way shithead facts bidder. And that's the whole city. I am gorilla. It's a weird one you know like Vincent vicinity look shattered. Call them out. that'd be fighting after beating. Kids aso posted this. Oh this cake on them out. So nate actually responded by putting that video on his twitter. I mean he's actually interest. It'd be a great fight. Yeah god those texts were tough to read on So find there's a date. Charles lavar does employ it's targeted for uc to nine december eleventh fu from non-road densu new dell best fight campaign for summer eleventh This is also good news. Amanda news and joanna cannery. Tam december eleventh city. And as you can.

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