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But Jason Priestley Jennie Garth. I'm Brian Austin, green, Gabrielle carteris, and Tori, spelling are on board. I don't do Perry is not possibly conflict is he's on the CW Riverdale. And we're told they won't be playing their original characters, but heighten versions of themselves, whatever that means the teen soap originally ran from nineteen ninety to two thousand on FOX look for the new version this summer. Jason nathanson. ABC news Hollywood good. Our website. Eight fifty W F T L dot com. For more information on Luke Perry's massive stroke, Florida, Republican congressman Matt gates is being investigated for a tweet appearing to accuse former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen of infidelity ahead of his congressional testimony gates issued an apology on Twitter saying I've personally apologized to at Michael Cohen to onto for referencing his private family in the public square gaze added, regardless of disagreements family members should be off limits from attacks from representatives, senators and presidents, including myself, let's leave the Colin family alone is apology came just after the Florida bar association opened an investigation into whether he violated professional conduct. Rules gates has since deleted the post Mike Bauer. NBC News Radio. President Trump has left Vietnam with no sign deal with North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN basically, they wanted the sanctions lifted and we couldn't do that. House. Speaker Nancy Pelosi says it took two summits for President Trump to realize that North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN is not on my level an era. Zona woman is celebrating her one hundredth birthday by diving out of a perfectly good plane. Jane Hanes of fountain hills turned one hundred this week and also jumped out on an airplane that thirteen thousand feet. Hanes has no stranger to trying to live life to the fullest. She's gone hiking in the Grand Canyon ruins in Guatemala and gone. Whitewater rafting in Alaska, all after age, seventy NBC, News Radio Wellington native Brooks KEPCO. The number two golfer in the world teed off this morning at the Honda Classic at PG national. He's happy to be back playing at the Honda. Classic after missing last year due to an injury. Tiger Woods is not playing but CAPCO has won three majors since his last Honda Classic, including back-to-back US opens your next update at twelve thirty. I'm Karen Curtis. Stay connected with us any anytime at eight fifty W F T L dot com..

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