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Trafficking weather on the 8th Let's go to Rita Kessler in the WTO traffic center Not a bad chips are out the area if you're on the beltway the inner loop stole a little heavy after 95 hitting pass route one in college park there was work on the right side and a crash off in the construction zone out of the roadway The outer loop delay approaching the American legion bridge has eased the mobile work crew may have finished their work while on the interleukin Virginia after route 50 Watch for the volume the work is supposed to be in the right lane In the district a lot of closures throughout the area especially capital hill White House union station those areas are where there's demonstrations going on throughout the day expected to last through the afternoon A lot of closures in the area a good idea to avoid that stretch by vehicle if you can But if not these are some of the closures to expect 17th and 18th streets between constitution and H independence avenue between 5th and third Massachusetts near fourth street or near Stanton park and Pennsylvania avenue near fourth street also keep an eye out in the northbound third street tunnel that ramped to sea street in the capital had been blocked at one point We were seeing delays from the eastbound freeway into the tunnel also due to work after you come off of the freeway headed into the northbound third street tunnel In Maryland southbound branch avenue after sarath's road watch for the crash Layhill wrote at bell pre wrote and bona fit road that was a report of a wreck old Georgetown road east of three 55 had been the scene of a crash and Connecticut avenue north of university was a report of a wreck New Hampshire avenue south of one O 8 or only sandy spring road traffic is alternating for the emergency work north Bantu 70 in the local lanes after montrose you lose the left side with the cones then before shady grove road the work is on the right side In Virginia 66 between one 23 and 50 the right lane blocked in both directions for the work zone Giant increased their starting pay rate for many positions with additional compensation based on experience Opportunities are available across the company apply online at giant food dot com back slash careers I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic And now to storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts you wanted to snowstorm with accumulation tomorrow morning snow is not it We are going to see dry conditions for the remainder of your Tuesday temperatures 30s and 40s.

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