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What is having some difficulty with the microphone. thank you for the invitation to appear before this committee I want to first apologize for what appeared to be our resistance to come. to. this hearing to discuss the details of our work with ice our contract has a close within the contract federal regulations that forbids disclosure of these details and we were hesitant to get involved at the risk of our contract. are the north myrtle group is a woman owned minority owned small disadvantaged business headquartered in Frederick County Maryland my great grandparents immigrated to the United States from Japan my maternal grandparents were both born in California making them United States citizens. after Pearl Harbor the presidential order was issued to. incarcerate all Japanese regardless of their citizenship status my maternal family were living in California and had to relinquish all of their property including any businesses that they had they were given one trash bag to fill of personal items to take with them and had to leave everything else behind. family was spread out to various interment camps across the country my maternal grandparents were incarcerated in a Japanese internment camp in Arizona they were there long enough to meet fall in love get married have a baby my mother and become pregnant again with my own. since they had to start over they were offered employment at a food processing factory before they were released and they chose to move to a small town called Seabrook in southern New Jersey were ultimately I was fourth. my father was born and raised in Hilo Hawaii my grandfather returned to Japan soon after he was born my father was the youngest in a large broken home and he was raised by several of his older brothers my father served for more than twenty years in the United States Army he served two tours during Vietnam and served on what was one of the first all Japanese American green beret units. upon his retirement from fort Richey Maryland we relocated to Frederick where I grew up because my parents did not have a lot of money I work during high school and have been working since I was fifteen years old. shortly after high school I was able to obtain a secretarial job with the government at the department of health and Human Services I worked there for over six years before leaving to work for three other successful minority owned government contracting firms I learned about government contracting during those seven years and I decided to take a chance and start my own company. I started this company in two thousand three it was the same year that I lost my late husband to police suicide. thanks. a lone tear for his fraternal order of police. and have on here for them for over twenty years serving as executive assistant to the executive board. they're not about a group of certified in the small business administration's eight a program in two thousand four we successfully graduated certification in twenty thirteen the first contract awarded to my company was in two thousand.

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