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And so the charges that she faces now, TJ, what are they and what do they suggest about how Russia punishes narcotics? She is charged with illegally trying to get illegal narcotics through a customs border. They took those cartridges to be tested, Russian officials say that they contained hashish oil, we don't have any independent confirmation of that, but that's what she's charged with. That has a potential sentence of 7 to ten years in Russia. They have drug laws that were similar to the ones in this country. Up until the start of the 21st century. There is a strong antidrug culture in Russia that is reminiscent of the 1980s here. And just to be clear here, TJ, we're saying hashish oil because the formal charges say that, I've seen other stories that use the term cannabis, hashish oil in any event is indeed a marijuana concentrate and regardless of the form here, the important thing really is just how strict Russia's policy is for anything. Marijuana related, right? Compared to the United States, that's a thing that Vladimir Putin often points to. It's something that Putin and his government have long said, we're intolerant of this, the decadent west with their liberalization and they've latched onto the word woke. That this is what it leads to. Your kids will be doing drugs. So it's not a minor cultural issue over there. If they determine that she has a significant amount, which the statute defines as more than 2.5 grams for those of us not raised in metric that is very little. Then she's facing ten to 20 years. Wow, DJ. I mean, ten to 20 years. In prison is on the table for Brittany griner. Yeah, I mean, those numbers are real. And in a normal situation, you would think if you trust due process, you would think, all right, how could she possibly end up with that? But that's the problem with Russia. They have a criminal justice system that works at a certain level. And there is due process, but there are other elements that mean if somebody suddenly decides they're going to make her an international example, then there is nothing the U.S. could government could do to stop it. TJ, so I saw this video that Russia's custom service had released that you alluded to. And one basic question about that, that's worth asking, is why was Brittany griner entering Russia as talk of war was heating up as everything that's going on in the world right now is unfolding. I would imagine that people may be assumed that she was leaving Russia to come back to the states, but no, it's the other way around. A couple of reasons. One, she plays there. And there's been a fair amount of attention to the fact that WNBA players, the best players in the world, the.

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