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Have an accident wrapping up sixty four eastbound in Blankenburg in the right lane. We had an accident there involving a semi our next report in fifteen minutes. I'm Bob hilas, NewsRadio eight forty W H A S. AM wwl pay wide meteorologist Moreau's with your updated Wednesday forecast, widely scattered showers and storms developing this evening with temperatures falling through the seventies. We should quiet down overnight with a low of sixty five tomorrow, scattered showers and storms return with a high near eighty oak says a rainy start but trending drier in the afternoon with temperatures in the low eighties. That's our wwl. What forecast I'm meteorologist rose? It's eighty two at NewsRadio. Eight forty W H S our top story. A standoff situation in fairy tale today ended with an arrest. Police were called to Northgate road at around eleven AM after receiving calls. A man had fired shots inside of his house. Louisville metro polices swat team along with several other supporting agencies were called to the scene to help coax them in out of the home after about four hours the man surrendered peacefully officers. No one else was inside the home at the time. Haley Hanson reporting to Clark county, Indiana judges are in stable condition after shooting outside a white castle restaurant in Indianapolis early this morning police say the two were wound. After an argument of the parking lot. And there is no evidence they were targeted. No suspects are being identified yet. The two were in town for a conference Clark county. Sheriff Jamie knoll knows the two men. Get news. And they make it through this. And hopefully recover the judges both attend Saint Paul's Piscopo church and Jeffersonville pastor Nancy Woodworth hill says they both have a heart for the community.

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