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For the contract for los alamos national laboratory uta in texas they in ham jumped in a couple of weeks ago and now ucs banka university california faye they're going a bit the region store in california the governing board they gave the 10 at campus system approval to bid on the contract to manage the federal government's premera nuclear weapons laboratory the board of regents voted yesterday to allow the school to inter bid for running lionel birthplace of the atomic bomb still a good darn good contract the current multibillion dollar management contract expires in 2018 university california was the laboratories sole operator for decades currently part of the consortium running the lamp you see region said in a statement the uc is committed to upholding los alamos this tradition of scientific and technological excellence channel has a lot of problems and our water pressure on lot of critical pressure because of the performance the last five years or so now you see part of that consortium it was my understanding apparently i'm wrong with my understanding the current contract holders could not bid after it expires in 2018 but apparently i was wrong not the first time right and we all know that shut up shatah all right garrett's garros desert in location location location baby all santa fe trail right on the river what of location a piece of property use for me is mostly about sanofi by as their last week in hand incredible burger yeah i pig gown had a burger had some fries.

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