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Washerwoman they're gonna wanna minority and there so pissed off the rage for here's another question out to the group. You're all gamblers like me. Yep. Is Trump gonna complete its term? Yes. I would say, yes. Yes. Yes. I did. We did yesterday on the rundown that team may not run for second. Does some people? It's definitely getting pizza people. But he won't get voted out. Because. I don't think it's the smartest move of the Democrats who him because it doesn't mean you does not mean you get convict. The investigation start today. Right today is one they'll start naming different. They haven't said they wouldn't have. They went one at a time. They haven't ruled in or do not yet Nancy Pelosi said today that she's not gonna rely. Here's another question. Well, Trump felt like I'm wondering indictment here. We'll. What if he if he can't handle the hotline? Thank you, Mike, Jerry, Joey that will take you home like Sam Donaldson. Yeah. But but I love this for all right? We'll Trump this. Great and tracking will Trump have a contender against them. I don't think anybody's primarily Republicans unless Mitt Romney decides to run and because by the way, what do you think about why is he doing that? Now seats ridiculous. He the guy take Zego creepy. He's got great hair. You let me go to Romney. I don't think he really cares about much waiting. But now he can do what he wants the people of Utah. Don't listen to anybody. Tim, no. Platform, but I will say this. I think one hundred ten percent somebody will challenge Trump. I don't think they're going to win. But I think John cases. A father was a mailman. I don't know if he mentioned it. Yeah. Everyone's. Start Republican Bill challenge Trump. They will probably lose. But they'll challenge I'll tell you something. I have I have met Mitt Romney number times. I did things for him. Great guy. But. The politics across his would know in front of the cameras when you meet him the first five minutes, he knocks you out CEO tight. But this flip flopping is just incredible flip-flopping with Trump. Okay. One moment he needs Trump support member that he gave during the prime commented. Sit down with him running frogs legs trying to be here for Terry state. And he's looking for his help when he runs for the Senate. Now, he's running. It's like he's he's bipolar when the president. And here's the other thing, you're not helping the people of Utah. When you make an enemy out of sitting president exactly they voted in the power over anything you want. You know, work with them. Also Romney could be like the McCain. And if he wants to not go with Trump and be like the guy who for twenty plus. This guys are still. No. But he made when Senator this may be his only time discharge one I actually think Romney would not have been a bad president. He's very skillful. It should be interesting though, just to see where Romney sucks voting when Trump wants to get things done. That's a good point. Well, the other thing is I thought Romney would have made a great president. But now, I wouldn't know which one would show up. That's a good point. But I'll tell you who did not show up today. Malone. I'll tell you who did show up and always shows up Johnny sap while I'm here. I have no. And my favorite producer. And I'm going to say this in America and Canada, Mexico. No, no. He's a guy down there. One. Does a beautiful show. Great to be back guys. Thank you for the help time. I'll be getting your picks this weekend. This is Sweeney Malone every Thursday twelve to one..

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