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Roster a national day of protest around the country today by per why of active is seeking they have the government de fund planned parenthood john ship it showed she who's part of the pro live rally in front of the facilities new york city office says the issues very personal for him by swung to be a voice for a little ones that a little once in a while we don't have a voice that is going to be that voice for them me personally i went through this as a man on the man side myself where my wife oh what my girlfriend time we had two abortions planned parenthoods christina chang says the protest has had an effect on business in new york it is disruptive it's a notices crowded on the street you have to line through crowd you know wasting to get into the door per life organizers report they have been met with counter demonstrators in some cities among the two six point five earthquake was felton the southern philippines friday killing at least a half dozen people in injuring over one hundred others and causing some significant damage quake also knocked out power and forced the closer of the domestic airport consider ago do to keep crack in the airports one one in addition to be airport that world building including an update college a hotel in the shopping mall world damaged in their ago gores pointed michael ruben says over one hundred aftershocks have been felt a federal appeals court that refuse to reinstate the president's travel band will vote on whether to have a larger panel of judges reconsider the ruling the cheap judge of the san francisco based ninth us circuit court of appeals sidney thomas announced friday that one of the courts judges had requested the vote but nine circuit vote will determine whether any eleven judge panel re considers the ministry she's request wisconsin base she's maker sargento foods is recalling certain varieties of its longhorn colby cheese because of possible bacterial contaminated news and analysis a townhall dot com i'm wrong direction hillary tell you that's something medically that works those that from intro plumber about the save because i never really foley will die took relief after the first paying reliever i would ever embellish because of how it work for my wife from mike conley huge you what you know i can tell you this thing is i call it's something just short.

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