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Seattle sounders against Chicago Fire Three PM Eastern there are such favorites to win the League. You'd have to put twenty dollars on to win one dollar there in action and of course tomorrow to other games value also Chelsea City Sheffield United. But let's start channel. We seem beaten so found it season. And that's what obviously the next question if they do the whole campaign unrepeatable also date oops possible banana-skin Had this been away from from home. I would say maybe I just don't think of Liverpool. We're going to lose again is going to be at home right. Haven't played onfield having played in front of that that recall the supporters. You never feel as the anything's insurmountable. Show listen if the if something was to go wrong to begin with. You always feel as you're getting a buck if they're gonNA lose as going to be away from home I just don't see. I don't see the Malaysian at home. I do see them drawn against Wolves Iowa. I see this as another victory for Liverpool. You've got of course what was coming to this game off extraordinary win against Manchester City of sound discussion about that second goal. Which of course rory robbed the ball from from Benjamin mandate up some suggesting that if many went down? It's a foul well. Many kids seem referees when a situation late similar similar to that arises the cliff with for any contact full Zoeller. Everybody was yup this one slightly different for me. Yes trailer is going towards Mandy Cindy but Mandy and trying to hold them off the ball back into him so the so the initiation of the contact is coming from Mandy Windy and for me. That's why it's not a free kick and for me. That's why. The referee made the right decision. Based mendy goes down the reference. A freak if many goes down the majority of the teams aims to referee will give the free kick the fact that it didn't go down probably went against them. He should have gone down. I play of that experience. You know what you should have done. I should've stuck his big tool through the ball and kicked over the stand and then ask questions later. That's how this whole thing was avoidable. Be Interesting to see cities reaction Shin then there are mentioned against Sheffield United big favorites going into this game. What sort of city do you expect us to see? I'll be shocked to The city was seen all of this season team. That will go forward team that will create a team. That will probably score But you'll see a team that when you lose the ball and the bolts turned over the opposition this team Sheffield United again after them though bill pilot. So I'm I'm expecting exactly what I've seen all season. Meanwhile of course me give out data in charge of also against Chelsea Chelsea go into this game as favorites and I know you said said earlier in the week Stevie you believe that Chelsea will indeed take all three points a friend this game. That's the big game south of the border. Meanwhile in Scotland Rangers against Celtic Celtic against Rangers. The Old Darby five points separate some of the top of the table I just want to remind everyone that stevie up a big rangers.

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