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Church. Like i don't have to talk about it do i. Yes you should talk about it if you really believe it. It's not a bad idea to talk about a once in a while it's only about eternity so but there a lot of people like that you may know some. You've probably have relatives and neighbors. Like they believe. They say they believe but come on. They don't wanna be a fanatic like you and and that's a realistic point of view. Sometimes we can be very unattractive and how we live or how we portray things and there are plenty christians. We've all met them. And i'm sure some of if that would raise your hand. I'm just curious but there are christians that they're about their christianity. The way my father and others are about being greek like it's their. it's their hobby they. They're wearing their wearing. First century sandals biblical. Living in that. You're like can we like just watch the football game and you could shut up and like we could focus on the play or do we have talked about. Had jesus related to that play. Some people get really religious. And that's not the same as living at your faith. We have to understand. There's there's a line there was a time to be talking about. Jesus and then there's another time when you can kind of assume jesus right if you look at a tree you know that. That tree was invented by the lord. He invented that tree the atoms in that tree the molecules in that tree are doing what they're doing because the lord is there okay. The electrons would not be going around the nuclei unless the lord. We're making that happen. The lord is involved in every aspect of that tree. But you don't say a christian tree you don't say that when you eat an apple. The apple was god's idea right heating up christian apple too. So you know he's got saved in the sixties you don't you don't get into that because we sometimes we get very religious and we forget i actually took colson. Who was my hero. And then i worked for him and then he became my friend he always like in. Every speech would quote abraham kuyper. He was this dutch theologian and statesman. And abraham kuyper said famously. I only know this. Because chuck's at every speech he said khyber said that there is not one square inch over all creation over which jesus christ who is sovereign does not say mine every part of creation belongs to the lord not just the religious part. We got to think about that. Everything belongs to him every good thing. All love is god's love if it's real love. It's god's love even if you don't know it so i say that because i think about their many people that we know and there's a lot of god in their lives even if they don't acknowledge it even if they don't know it and we can still acknowledge it as god if you see a husband who is faithful to his wife and showing her kind of love even if he doesn't know it. That's from god. If you see a woman who is beautiful you say that's beauty is created by god. Whatever you see that is good is from the lord and we as the church meet to reclaim those things. Stop saying like everything's of the devil except my religious corner that's not true. That's a lie. The devil actually everything that is good as we've got so the parents of the my parents had for me growing up. They weren't talking about jesus. They weren't reading the bible. But i now know looking back. Why did god use them to bless me. He did that. He loved me through them in a way that was beautiful but they didn't say like yeah it's guy love. Let me tell you about. The new testament got they. They didn't know that. Actually it's not true. My father knows greek words and he'll beat you over the head because it's not because his new testament it's great i've got they got so but the point is i look back and i realize that a big part of my life had to do with the way. My parents raised me. Who were not officially venture locales right. But what did they know. They knew for example good and evil because they grew up in europe. Which was they lived through the hell of the war they had seen evil they had seen communism they. They raised me to hate communism or socialism. Whatever it's called. They knew it was evil and consequently they knew that freedom in america is wonderful. They knew that now. What's interesting is a lot of the american kids. I grew up with had american parents. They didn't really get that they can like what. What's the big deal. This is normal. But if you're coming from the other side this is not normal. This is far from normal. What you had this freedom. You have here this opportunity. What no no. There's a reason people are fighting to come here because this is very abnormal so my mom and dad came here from dark places germany. My mother came from not only was war torn germany but after the war where she lost her father at age ten. She lost her father. My father lost his father at age. Ten they they had suffered through these things and my mother after the war germany part of germany where she lived. My family still lives there was taken over. By the soviets became east. germany became communist. My mother had this propaganda in her high school classes. She said i couldn't take it. It was was was horrible. None of us lived through that so in america we think well how bad could it be. How could socialism be. How bad could government control be it can be very evil and we need to know that and that's why we need to speak up very loudly and very courageously now. But i didn't really need to know that my parents they just told me that because they lived it. I know there's some people probably from cuba here. I mean if you are from those places. You don't need any tutorial on the evil of communism or socialism or government control. You know that is the enemy of freedom and it will crush you. It has no respect for you as a human being. Communism is also by definition atheism. Okay and when. I say atheism atheists because it's a free country you don't have to believe in god but i wanna tell you apiarists mentality says there's no god therefore what is there's no power there's been good at st freedom is a gift from god. He wants us to be free so we can serve him so we can preach the gospel so we can make a lot of money and give money to people who are suffering and struggling. God god wants to use us and wants to bless us so we can be a blessing. And that's that's part of what god has done in america. So that doesn't mean america is by definition a great because we're great we're centers just like everybody else but the ideas that we've been bequeathed by god through the founders have enabled us to send the gospel around the world to send missionaries to send medicine to send all kinds of stuff around the world. Now why would we even do that..

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