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And then anybody that I've had doing fasting. There's like no most loss, or at least it doesn't seem that way straight. Rain stays muscle stays, you know, we think that we need to eat so much to stay big. But you know, if you're trying to block and fast, it gets a little bit difficult because like you need to be in a surplus in a smaller window, right, which you just gotta be on top of you can bigger window. Maybe a bigger window a bigger window or have again like meals that have that aren't but not as much fiber, not as much maybe carbs in general. So maybe you have higher fat. So you can hit that caloric intake. That's a surplus that'll make it easier. But you can bulk while doing it to maybe it's not ideal in a four hour window like Mark said in eight to ten hour window. You could definitely make it happen. Yeah. And less carbs make it a little bit easier. The following day to hit your whatever twenty four hour fast. Right. Like, it just seems like era if you have more fat kind of gives your body a little bit more sustainable fuel for the next day. I personally feel like if you have kind of you know, and I don't know if there's like a real switch over. But I think if you kind of have taught your body to kinda run off a fat that you that that it might be a little bit easier to fast, however, back to what George Lockhart said think your body's just gonna kinda use whatever sitting there. And I think that I think that mentally ill probably the hardest part, and I'll probably take the longest period of time. But again, if you're eating junk, and you're trying to mitigate the fact that you just ate a bunch of junk with fasting and you're a rookie. And you know, you're still white belt. I don't think it's a great way to do it because we're seeing a lot of people in fitness make. That mistake and they go to the gym and they do like cardio, and it's like well now, you're just you really kinda screwing things up. You didn't meet your protein requirement last couple of days, you're eating a bunch of junk. Now, you're not even feeling that great. You're trying to get a workout in. We know what you're trying to do. You're trying to do something. Good for yourself. Trying to burn fat you trying to lose weight, but she going about it the wrong way. Because now you're kind of be really just probably burning up some muscle and really not taking care of what you need to take care of. So just make sure that you're getting on track with the foods that you're supposed to be eating, and you know, the one gram per pound of body weight that's been around forever. And I don't think that there's I don't think the have to have that much. You probably go all the way down to almost half of that maybe each person's going to be a little different. But when you start to fill out your caloric needs for the day, it probably will still creep back up towards being one gram per pound of body weight. But I mean that if you're if you're gonna fast, and you really don't want to pay attention to a lot of different details. Maybe that would be a good place to start is to say, I'm gonna fast, and you know, if a pizza gets in my way, then so be it. But make sure you get that protein requirements, and it can you overdo it on intermittent fasting. So not necessarily disin- case people don't know like not fasting for three days straight. But like just like an eighteen hour fast..

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