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It's 10 o'clock at night, February 1999, Paris, France. Tom Ford pulls back the curtain and peers out the window of his apartment. Snow falls against the dark sky. Ford squints his narrow brown eyes to get a better look. Ford is the creative director of Gucci, the storied luxury brand. He's considered one of the most exciting fashion designers working. His clothes are bold and sexy, almost dangerous. But recently, that danger has followed him into his real life. Below him, the street bustles with pedestrians and cars, but Ford is focused on one black vehicle parked across the street. He still there. For its partner, Richard Buckley joins him at the window and looks out. Are you sure? I don't see anyone inside the car. Ford points through the window. He's leaning back, but you can see the top of his head just above the window. How long has he been there, 8? 9 hours? Buckley follows Ford's finger and sees what he's referring to. I mean, it's weird that he's still there, but I think it's a leap to think he's staking us out. Do you really think Louis Vuitton would send someone to watch you? They hired a private investigation firm to investigate Gucci executives. I don't know why they wouldn't watch me too. This thing is ugly. A little over a month ago, the owner of Louis Vuitton moet Hennessy, the largest luxury brand in the world, started buying up Gucci stock in an attempt to take over the smaller Italian company. Gucci's CEO is doing everything in his power to prevent the takeover. Including engaging in some dirty legal tricks. It's turned into a nasty fight with low blows and mudslinging on both sides. Ford keeps his eyes trained on the man in the car below. I told you we have security team sweeping the offices to make sure LVMH hasn't planted microphones, right? Buckley nods. Ford turns and looks at him sharply. You haven't let anyone into the apartment recently, no workers or anyone? No. You're sure. Yes, I promise. Ford relaxes momentarily. I'm not paranoid. It wasn't even four years ago that Mauricio was gunned down on the street. This business is crazy. In 1995, Maurizio Gucci, the grandson of Gucci's founder and the former CEO of the company, was murdered in front of his office building in Milan. Buckley puts his hand on Ford's shoulder. I know, and that was shocking, but Mauricio was shot by his jealous ex-wife. Remember? The only reason Louis Vuitton wants Gucci is because of you. You brought that company back from the brink. They're not going to harm you. Ford nods. But still keeps watch. During the past 9 years, he's been a Gucci. He's learned that behind the glamour, the luxury goods market is cutthroat and tumultuous, with more backstabbing than fine stitching. And who knows how bad this rivalry? Could get. Some things are inevitable, like allergy season. But while you can't avoid it, you can at least save on your prescription allergy medications by checking out good Rx. Over 24 million people used good Rx just last year to save on their medications. And I'm one of them. With good Rx I instantly compare prescription prices at pharmacies in my neighborhood and find discounts that have saved me up to 80% for simple smart savings on your prescriptions, check good Rx, go to good Rx dot com slash BW. Good Rx is not insurance, but can be used instead of insurance. Medicare and Medicaid. In 2021, good Rx users saved 81% on retail prescription prices. Good Rx dot com slash BW. Imagine having a whole extra day every week, more time to cook healthy meals, work on that novel or just eat some good snacks in front of the TV. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Well, right now it's all possible. With click up, the productivity platform that'll save you one day a week on work. Guaranteed. And it's built for teams from one to over a thousand. Join the more than 800,000 highly productive teams using click up today, use code BW to get 15% off, click ups massive, unlimited plan for a year. That means you can start reclaiming your own time for under $5 a month. Sign up today at click up dot com and make sure to use code BW. From.

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