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Lonzo manifield joining US students GonNa be a great show got to be over stacked. I WanNa thank our sponsor speed listen. Marijuana is legal in California. Don't go to the dispensary right now. Don't leave your house, okay. People are GONNA be trying out? Stop there? All kinds of stuff get delivered right to you. Got Ta exclude they got on Edibles Gino's a great great guy so yeah, definitely, check it out speed dot com at speed. We'd Greg. How are you? I'm good now. I gotTa tell you the wife and I we try. You'd be read Lube Yeah. And here's a eight It works as Lou, totally I think. The wife was expecting lake. I. Like more like she was expecting. You. Get Hot or something? New. We're both of us. I. Mean I wrapped my Dick and show. No I it. Is Lou worked great. Hey listen you know he's got. Like everything else. It's set your goals really low. And then you'll be happy. Look..

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