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Jake, Eliza, America discussed on Dear America with Graham Allen Podcast


So to put it in basic terms of log cabin Republicans are essentially the LGBT community for conservatives. All right. So so they're they're lesbian, gay bisexual conservatives. Right. And all of them are not not all of them are. But that is like the main principle of this thing. And so meet Eliza. We're very. Humbled to be invited. Right. So so we were invited in because they like the message that we convey because it's very obvious are religious convictions. But we also understand what freedom actually means as in context to political. Right. And so that's what they talked about during this thing was you can't fight for freedom. True freedom of one group and not fight for freedom of another group. If you want a true free society now again to be clear, and we were very clear with the people at the L CR. This is not saying on a religious level that we agree with the lifestyle choices of things. But this goes to our earlier videos, where just because we don't agree with something doesn't mean that we should treat them like second class citizens or they don't have. Any rights, etc. Etc. So it was really cool to hear honestly, gay conservatives talk. It was very interesting because the only gay people that get the time of day on mainstream networks are the stream left that basically says that you know, you have to indoctrinate your children have drag Queen story time, and you know, you have to teach your children at age eight gender fluidity in school and all this stuff and the president even said in his speech is it fair to have a young woman. Not have the right to not disrobe in front of a man that now identifies as a woman in the in the bathroom and stuff, and it was really cool to hear them use rational thought and understanding to their to their point into their argument. Right. So Jake to throw it back to you. And again guys, this is a really interesting conversation. So hashtag, dear. Erica, your thoughts on this Twitter or Instagram and let us know Jake. What do you think about that? Will I don't like hypocrites in general, so people who claim to be Christian, and then don't live like a Christian, or who, you know, say certain things about certain groups of people. Right. You know, it's like I was at a church a couple years ago. And the guy was talking about freedom to pray in school. Like, we have our kids be allowed to pray in school all for it. But then he follows it up with you know, because they're letting the Muslims pray. And you know, he didn't want that he wanted just Christians to have parenting wanted to kick Muslim prayer out. I get what he probably thinks about Islam and all that. But if you want it if you want your freedom of religion for Christianity. It's just one of those things you have to let them have their freedom to so terms that someone said that I loved is you can accept and not agree to not agree. Then he was so funny. I'm not gonna say his name. He was just fantastic. And he was he said, you think? You have hard times try being a gay Republican. Oh, yeah. But anyway, it was it is to the principle of it because you can have different views, but you do you have to have freedom for all you cannot just near down to. No, you don't get that. Right. But I do who are you? And we don't know the struggles of being a conservative, you know, like. Israel again again. And this is something that that. It's honestly something that I didn't realize until I got into this world is as Christians, we should take a stand and influence politics as best as we know how I mean. That's just the truth. I don't believe in the church has no right whatsoever to say anything about what's going on in the political world. It was in my opinion, the biggest government scandal ever. And honestly, the biggest mistake the church ever did. And this is my opinion hash dear America..

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Jake, Eliza, America discussed on Dear America with Graham Allen Podcast

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