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Duck come on your iphone or android grocer trade war object callahan's fox news president trump was in seoul south korea this morning the second stop on his current asian trip travel to woods presidencies fox's john dekker who joins us live following his lunch with us troops at camp humphreys the us military base that sounds of thousands of american military personnel the president meeting at this hour with south korean president moved to discuss bilateral trade had the all going nuclear crisis with north korea tomorrow hey the tasks you buds president trump has accused mood of a piece knit today's meeting is aimed in part at getting south korea to go along with president trump's tough approach to north korea jack thanks john so as not to borovoye him the police said sexes say they won't mention his name any more devon patrick kelly metal go down twenty six people at a church there on sunday morning crime scene tape still keeps neighbors away from the first baptist church years oh police say they're wrapping up their work multiple interviews have been conducted in numerous cities and other states victims have been identified the next hand had been notified texas public safeties freeman martin hopes to release victims names today but the names are the mystery the people here their neighbors cousins michelle tree goes family lives just down the street is sutherland springs texas at the route fox a clerical mistake allow the shooter to jeff is god's the air force acknowledging it sailed to report killy's domestic violence convictions of the fbi if they had his name would have been entered into with federal database and he would not have tass federal background checks in order to buys goods the johore smelled.

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