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Was the plan's successful All of that with Erin in just a few minutes. Right now, though, Let's take a look at your drive. Robin Banks is checking out the 10 going downtown Los Angeles on the 10 west of San Pedro Street that is erect that takes away the right plane and not huge delays. Yet Santa Monica on the 10 eastbound side of the tender forestry that's directed in the right lane of the On ramp with CHP on Saints, a little visual hazard. Korea Glendale 1 34 eastbound at Central Stealth car in the Left turn lane of the central off France. And Atwater Village. Could be a little brush fire here next to the freeway to South found at the five it looks like there may be a little brush fire. Kay if I and this guy helped traffic is sponsored by 100 the law to lie and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks Drive safely and keep your eyes on the road. But unfortunately accidents happen so you need to be prepared. If you are injured. Get the power of experienced attorneys today. Call 1 800 the law to that's 1 808.

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