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Outside. Then they moved to Peter's Park, the symbolic spot near where a black man Terrence Coleman, was shot and killed by Boston police in 2016. As they made their way to their final destination of City Hall. They chanted for Briana, angry and sad about her death, they say and frustrated by a lack of accountability. That's doubly busy TVs. Christina REX reporting. Ah, a small but passionate group of demonstrators marching last night in Sacramento, California, just one of the many demonstrations around the country demanding justice. In the death of Briana Taylor, the Corona virus and its effect on athletes. That story coming up in just a couple of minutes. 7 33. Let's go check the roads, Traffic and weather together. Theseus Maru, Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes, morning run and a good morning to you, Charlie. Thick fog continues to stick around, so reduced visibility out there in the highways early. No complaints, though. In terms of the volume, Ruth three looks good from the sag more all the way up to Braintree. No issues on route 20 for 95 coming up from Rhode Island, Laura stretch of 1 28 looks good through Denham in Needham, and no complaints on the expressway from Furnish broke up to the O'Neill Tunnel. Downtown. Not seeing any issues. Lower deck of 93 looks good. Sullivan Square over the Zaken Lever connector is find out onto sterile Dr. No complaints on the River road. Sure, over the Tobin Bridge. North of the city. 3, 93 and 95 look good up towards New Hampshire on Western town, not see any big delays on the pike to 90 East Watch out for ongoing work near Main Street in Shrewsbury. Rob Hackle disease Traffic on the three Robert is 7 34 Window World of Boston is the choice to make to save on energy bills every season, beautify your home with award winning.

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