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Howard theater hosted new year's party with rare essence in trouble funk. See, the full guide on W two V dot com, Jason Frey, W two news. Coming up after traffic and weather, the top stories were following for you at this hour, all eyes are in Georgia ahead of Tuesday's Senate runoff between democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger, Herschel Walker, a controversial case involving religious freedom and the rights of same sex couples is going before the U.S. Supreme Court tomorrow, and the U.S. Navy is taking action after the recent apparent suicides of four sailors. Stay with WTO be for more on these stories in just minutes. It's ten 18 and now let's do traffic and weather with Mary de papa in the WTU feature traffic center. Maryland, south on I 95 as you head down past one 98 toward the ICC, Jimmy, thanks for the call in the update. He says there's a crash. We have all travel lanes blocked and only a single left shoulder squeezing by the response on scene southbound I 95 may be a fatal crash as you leave them one 98 headed down toward the ICC beyond the ICC, only the left shoulder getting by the crash and respond to unseen. If you're on the outer loop of the beltway in camp springs, they're Allentown road and joint base Andrews exit number 9 still with the mattress in the right center lane to watch out for that. Otherwise, no other problems on the beltway in Maryland, things are pretty cool on two 70. BW Parkway running well, no problems on route 50 going to and from the Chesapeake Bay bridge. And upper Marlboro was land over road east of the beltway where you were falling police director for the crash between the beltway and lots of road in Virginia, no issues on the beltway so far between Alexandria M McLean the earlier problem was on the interloop and local lanes near telegraph road. That broken down vehicle was along the right side of the roadway, but not blocking anything right now. 66 is in good shape I 95 and I three 95 pretty cool as you make your way between Fredericksburg and the 14th street bridge you're expressing during the northbound direction still in rest in new dominion Parkway near town center park where in Reston park where you follow police direction as a result of the race, they're running with Santa today, so that's going to take place for a little while longer so watch out for that. Otherwise, in the district I two 95 in D.C. two 95 look pretty good. No problem in the Thursday tunnel as you head northbound toward New York avenue or New York avenue are clear between bladensburg and road and the Thursday tunnel. It's incredible car window nation now to get 0%

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