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If you you're running and you've got your 50 points ahead of a napo moment, it doesn't make a lot of sense to have a debate my mind at that point, but but When we're talking about the presidency, Yes, we need to see you stand up for our country and be able to think on my own. Especially what could be we're told a very close writes. I hope that President Trump blows it away. You know, we have been so blessed by the grace of God, and it's a good thing. I'm not God. I would have already given up on us the way we turned our back on God. Thank God, God, And I'm not and what you've written, you know? Ah, but God has given us another chance, and we need to make for use of it. And these people that think that communism I mean, I know you talked about the black lives matter. You look, it's basically right out of the Communist made a manifesto wraps itself in the veneer of equality, but it's it's and I'm so glad You mentioned that because I really want to have you weigh in on this one of the things that I heard mentioned at the convention last night with our Trump, and then you know, you see what's happening on the streets in Kenosha. You see what's been going on in Minneapolis. It was stated that This is not like other elections. You know, in the past, it's always okay. What policies air. Better Republican Democrat. Let's get into the weeds. Yes, you do that still, but at the same time This isn't just a difference between Democrat Republican anymore. This is a difference between socialism and ultimately freedom. Auras. Freeze you, Khun! Get it! I I think that that is pretty accurate. What is your What is your thought on this? And do you think that I mean, I would hope that voters realize this. I think maybe some of them are when they see what's happening in Kenosha, which is why Trump's approval rating is starting to rise. Your thoughts. Well, you understand when you're talking about socialism, communism progressivism, whichever you want to call it and you go back to the proponents, whether it's mark's angles. Lannon mean all of these people have talked about how you cannot have socialism. Communism progressivism Bolshevism. And still believe in God. So a cz dusty of ski, you know he was combating in riding some of the ideas that marks and put forth, but he apes pointed out the problem. With Communism, where he may have said socialism is not economic. The problem is eight years. Um, and then I know when I was an exchange student for a summer with their right Americans allowed in that some room program and we were going into the on ly. Authorize seminary, Russian author Docks church It was allowed a seminary. I think they had 40 people a year that could be brought in and as you turn into the gates is Seemed like couple hours outside of Moscow Zagorska name, but there was a building there and it had a painting of Lenin space and then in Russian linen is NAMI. Linen is with us. You may be going into the similar, but you need to know there is no God. It's linen. That's with us. And that's the way it is. You have t have Progressivism, socialism and us face it Communism. They never really had communism. True Communism. There's no government and Khrushchev himself gave up on that notion that there would never be a system without government because you've got to have totalitarianism. But you can't have freedom of religion. You can't have the freedom of speech. You can't have freedom of assembly. And really, that's exactly what we're seeing in these places that have been taken over by the Marxist gangs of You know whether you led by Antifa or BLM? It's you know, like a manifesto, one of the things they're going to eliminate, they said the Western style family Well, you know, it's not a Western style family is the family that Moses talked about that if you believe in God that God gave to Moses and he said Man shall leave his father Mother woman leave her home to become one. And then when Jesus was asked about, he quoted the same thing. So what we have here in the West is not Western style families. It is Middle Eastern. It's Judeo Christian families, and that's something that the Socialists want to get rid of. It even marks. Had talked about G to do this right? We can have such a better society. If the government takes over the care of Children and parents will be free to do what they want. They won't have freedom of religion, speech or assembly, or any of those things won't have guns or weapons. But they'll have all this new freedom to do what they want. And I got cold chills when a Went into a daycare SIM center back in the seventies, and I said, You know, Children don't belong to the parents. They belong to our government. And if a parent tries to teach anything negative about our government, we immediately removed the Children and put him in a home where they're taught the right things. And I thought, Thank God literally. This is not the way it is in the United States and now mercy, and that's where they want to go. That's where they want to go. And there are a lot of stories about that. That's a whole other discussion with regards to the education and this lock down. We're out of time right now, though, but, Congressman we gotta have you because that's an angle will explore. Definitely, and I'm glad that that's being highlighted as the civil rights issue of our time by Republicans right now, so happy to see that your aunt that you're on the road to recovery bravery to get your strength back, Congressman God bless Sha and take care of. We'll talk again.

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