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Um and right now republicans seem confident they're going to get it because they really believe that the everyone's going to come together for the party to make the case that they need to do this to have a win for this year um but i think we're gonna see some gamesmanship right last minute people like marco rubio trying to hold the rope backs for to get some of their priorities through but you think they'll eventually support the bill i think i'm that's my guess yazit it could come down to the wire but the there's enough momentum behind the republicans they could move it through next week we'll them rhino and ask you because it is a republican crafted deal are they ready to get rid of the individual mandate sounds like they are but estimates say to lead to thirteen million people losing their health insurance you have the father with aol s eighty barkan who confronted jeff flake on an airplane about his vote on this he's in congress this weekend is wheelchair begging lawmakers not to cut the healthcare they could give him a few more years with his child not a very good optic any hesitation brian there are senators like jeff flake who know that this is a really difficult issue for them and i think that roy morris loss in alabama has emboldened those senators who have stood up to donald trump in the past like like senator flake and in his possible they'll try to use that that moment um for some leverage to uh to try to take a little bit farther on the individual mandate but you will have to it will have to watch and see how the how the game play out jesse well one of the things that we're seeing now is for the first time the power of the individual center especially on the republican side because mitch mcconnell needs every single republican for this to pass so now we're seeing people like what marco rubio is doing and he's not going to surprise me to see some other senators other apopka so start bringing up their pet issues because mcconnell needs them and even one vote could scuttle the whole thing so i don't think we're we're at the end of the gates michelle it wouldn't surprise me to see susan collins or ted cruz for more jeff flake bring up their own personal issue.

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