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That's when I stayed at his data. Our focus your treatment but numbers. You don't need a special degree to understand what the data says. It doesn't say numbers are universal evening. this guy was just awful medium. Took it out good. So meanwhile the Times has one that has similar contrarian. Things used to be associated with Yale. But he's a sugar Schill and he's a member of the Advisory Board for the California Walnut Board. They say it had more walnuts the New York Times to chose to give this major thing. Which now the president and others. According and so- Greg Gonzalez. Who's a brilliant guy at? Yale who's really at Yale Consol vets. Go NSA lvs look up twitter? He just went properly Berserk on this. And then on Brad Stevens who quoted the same thing and then on Tom Friedman quarter of the two of them and you have what they call armchair FDR epidemiologists. That's right Stacey. It's a hard word to say you stumbled before Who numbers I can look at these numbers to an epidemiologist are just bloody brilliant. And they they have experienced that matters and we don't listen to people like me. People listen to the scientists listened to the experts. Doctors Barale Gis people who know what they're talking about journalists. Don't we find experts? Yeah Find the people who matter and and and we've got him out there now. They're talking directly to the public on on the web. It's a wonderful things. Once one thing this shows is that this is it. This is water cooler conversation. And we've always had this. A humans have always done this. You know I talked to my buddy Joe and he says and we and we kind of it's kind of like gossip it's It's how we deal with anxiety. It's how we look for information and avoid We've always done this but now we have these tools that can make water cooler conversation. Give it more weight because it's published online and then unfortunately we have a government where they embrace this the they also like us share water cooler conversation. We expect them to have a higher standard but they don't and But I think he's a natural human. I mean we do it to some extent we all. Yeah Yeah you can call them the experts now. I can go on my list now and I can ask them a question. Can you explain that to me? And they're busy trying to save lives and I don't WanNa get in their way but they will take a moment to make sure they. They want people to get this right right. The experts are there and they're easy to find. Yeah if you sign up for Jeff's list and sign up for. That was the whole point of that. Usually this thing that kind of floats down Andrew could help you and just says sign up for my list. That was the believe laying all my posts on my posts are also on buzzmachine cut so I I put them over there. I don't have to pay five dollars to read. Com- BUZZMACHINE DOT COM thank you. I believe it's in your lower. Yes I wanted to just kind of goes serio so so the other for my walk which I'm trying to do every day now. I didn't take as many damn calls when I went for a walk out. I'm walking along and there's a guy looks about my age. Who goes zooming by on a electric scooter And then he comes back and he says are you Jeff Jarvis and I said Yeah and of course. He's a Fan Nice. I'LL DO THE O. Eill the shows and George who works audible came back by. We had a nice little chat six feet apart. Oh that's great but it's we've lived half mile each other for God knows how many years all the time I've been on the show and we didn't know it until he came by because we're opened up. This is what you're saying before. There are things we should take advantage of in this weird time. I also steer you to a guy I've known for years Vince Rennell who is a virologist and actually hosts a really good podcast that is very timely right now this week in urology he named it kind of and maybe even looks a little bit like the twitter well. That's Okay Vincent. I know Jason. Yeah yeah come on. No it's great and it's a really useful So I don't know how well known This is a lot of twitter fans know about it because it kind of ran parallel to to it for a long time but if that's all they're talking about. I'm actually and I bet you stacey you are too fascinated now by viruses The the viruses are very interesting. Little beasts aren't they they are. Yeah that's one of the reasons why I wanted to be a genetic engineer. I Love I love. I never knew organisms. Oh Yeah Oh man. Biology was my first love. There is a A great video which Steve Gibson recommended. It's a it must be German. Because it's a it's a youtube video the translates to nutshell and I highly recommended on the corona virus and its mechanism. And it's pretty easy to understand. Let me let me pull it up for you. Have It on my I have a whole I already. I already had listen. Yeah he's there he's there he's yeah he's a he's very good analyst. Yes I have a A whole page says my my Cova nineteen pages including our temperatures my journal of the plague year links and so forth. But here's this video Yeah I think you would think you would like this. It's a scout. Yeah Yeah I think it's a German Hillary. Go to the Youtube page because I can see his You would you would recognize this word Jeff. It's it's Kurz Kurz Kazakh te in another former student of mine. This looks like the this looks like the style of a former student of mine. No kidding. It's beautifully illustrated and he talks about you. Know one of the reasons that corona virus is so susceptible soap and water is is it as like I think all viruses it has a lipid shell fat Shell And so that of course as you know. That's what soap does is. It breaks down fat And so it's really cute little video. I think suitable for the whole family. Because it's so colorful but it's as far as I can tell very accurate scientifically and it It's Really well done. I think you know you see my favorite handwashing video the black Goo on the on the On Yeah isn't that good? Yeah that's the best. Yeah so but yeah. I've gotten very interested in this whole thing. And of course there is some some speculation. Because what a virus does it. Injects its are in a into a host cell and gets an tricks. The hotel transcribing it and making more of the virus Thinking it's reproducing itself. There's some evidence that these that this this viral are in a has something to do with our own evolution. That that without it we might not have evolved or it's certainly it's affected our own DNA. So I think that's kind of there's IT'S A. It's a more symbiotic relationship than one would think and I I find it fascinating. Yeah not all viruses have lipid membranes. Okay thank you and they call. I didn't know this. The Corona Virus. The Coronas little spikes on the outside of the virus. That's why Flus a corona virus and that's how it It takes a spike. It goes into the cell. Says HERE HAS A. That's my crown. That's it's crown is a crown with spikes all right back to back to Google According to Dr Moebius your DNA is mostly indigenous retroviruses. So thank you very much Amazon interesting what? Amazon's up to actually there's this is that larger story which is And I'm you know how I like to bring up philosophical topics on this show. Some have said that the tech industry is taking advantage of this and of course we know the DOJ is trying to take advantage of it as well This is an opportunity for the tech industry. Become even more powerful. I think it was an editorial in The New York Times. Even more powerful Amazon apple bound in The Atlantic cafe the Atlanta. Okay yeah could be Atlantic's been doing some really good stuff on this. Yeah pay for them. I do And they're put all their. Kobe praised them. Even though there's all my outside the pay all their coleman stove outside the paywall on that may be decided to try. A lot of people are doing that I think the Atlantic is spectacular. Yeah Julia Carrie Wong. It's in the Guardian Which also is putting its All its covert stuff. Well it's doesn't have a pay wall How the corona viruses created a governance vacuum. The tech giant Amazon is quickly filling. It's calling up love this lead. It's calling up. One hundred thousand troops extending grants to small businesses prioritizing essential goods and cracking down on profiteers no not the US federal government Amazon. It's doing the things that a government might do And it's not just Amazon. Walmart's hiring one hundred fifty thousand new workers What she what she says is It's less and less far fetched to imagine the everything store becoming the only store this is. This is something I've been thinking about because I don't know about you guys but with Amazon. Having delivery issues I just switched to target to buy some things that I needed. I'm not getting to shipping. But I am getting my stuff. Let's see you Amazon's prioritizing only essential so if you WANNA get a Christmas. We could order any cameras for hosts or headsets because they won't come till next month yeah. I ordered something on target. That will get to me on the thirtieth so that's four or five days from now Which feels totally reasonable Not so bad as Kim. I'm picking different retailers so the for a long time it's true my gut response was. Oh I need this. Let's go get it on Amazon and I'm like oh I need this. Let's put it on another. Are you worried that this will adjust? Increase the dominance of the tech giant's And they will just take advantage of this or I for one. Welcome my new lords and Masters I. I think they're being smart. I think there's a couple of things here. They're being smart to be like. Oh it's GonNa be a lot harder to hate us after we donate all our masks but we do after we but I do think that they're in a position to help there also in a position to profit from this and I think smart business dictates that you would take these opportunities as does compassion and I do think. The Tech Industry likes to consider itself Compassionate in ways that I don't think Exxon Mobil deludes itself into thinking so they're losing money to reinstall so there's a story in the rundown that that they're going to lose is not the right word. Forty four billion in anadromous versus the growth is going to have so it's not like they lose money but they're but they're yeah well they're they're losing. The opportunity cost of losing an opportunity at the same time. Facebook is up for all those who think off as a well. Look where you need him. Now folks the traffic there is up fifty percent. This is keeping their nose above water. This is a fine and good thing on twitter but like Stacey In this respect I don't use facebook but I'm finding many other ways so it isn't it doesn't necessarily create a dominant force just like you using target instead of Amazon I'm using facetime or Or what's well what's absent is what's happened is still facebook but no they're plenty of other options and I don't use any of the facebook tools and I don't feel less any less connected although can I tell you the like probably a week ago android. I were hiking and I was like Dang it everyone should probably get a portal and then the buzzfeed story about F. You should get a portal and the fact that they're sold out facebook video portal. Yes the Oh you could make bank. Getting rid of your. Where's my portal? I have two of them. I think I let burke take him apart which means they're probably not very cheap so but the idea like when it came out. I did think the portal has a really interesting hardware like that using the AI to follow people automatically is really compelling museum. Now does that by the way right but so so I I do with my daughter. Because she's on Andrew facetime with my mom. 'cause she's in an iphone. I don't feel like I need a portal. You my father who's ninety four who basically doesn't use a computer at all and would never use a smartphone..

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