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Point two percent so with the survivability rate of ninety eight percent plus for at least for me in my category so how do you feel about something like that. Something has that low of potential that low of a chance of killing you. You might get sick but it's nothing more than a flu but again the mask scam continues. The scam continues. As far as the corona virus or wuhan corona virus is former president. Trump would say. The scam continues. Its its nonstop. Non-indian nonsensical these elites will not stop until there's enough massive push back on a global scale to actually say we're not going to do this and and there's no way you can kill us all there's more of us than you meaning global population than the world There's over seven point. Five billion people with a b in the world here folks the global elites is about two or three hundred of them and then their families and then the the way the tree goes. So you're looking at probably a thousand people globally. That's it but the upper elites there's only there's only thirteen families or thirteen bloodlines and from that. There's there's one or two hundred on the top top level that are really running the show. Rothschild's bill berg's up said this over and over and over again Soros's there on on the second or third rung there. So there's there's a lot of gates on down the fifth or sixth rung. So you know. There's a lot of of Rungs on the ladder. But there's very few of them and there's lots and lots of us until we push back and we stop these evil people this all these shenanigans all this bs bullshit. This will continue to go on and on and on year after year and they'll push it hard and say you can't do this. You can't do that. you can't go to the store that's already come in and son. Some countries extreme extreme extreme and these poor poor poor people out there you poor people you uneducated uneducated people out there. I'm sorry the say that. But but my mind god i lord have mercy on you you just go with what the government says you want to be a good little surf. You want to be good little sheep. You take anything and everything. The government says too serious wanted you. Everybody has cellphones. Almost in the world wants you. Just google something. I can't stand. Google ninety s google us duck duck go. But why don't you google something or duck duck go something If you're over in the Europe nations their cyrix syracuse dot info s. e a r x dot info and. These are Search engines and their unfiltered. And they'll give you the true results even start page..

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