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Still not. Nine months since the Minnesota Merrill, San fraternity US Bank stadium. Sean Payton insists the revenge back. There is so overrated we're gonna get into this game and all the week eight action with Dan Brasi on. Oh pinch hitting. We appreciate you be here. Brian rose. Daddy, Bruschi I'm Suzy kolber teddy. What's today the day before the day before as we know? Let's go. Yes. So here we go with saints at Vikings. Drew Brees has the most passing touchdowns attempts and the highest completion percentage of any QB with no interceptions through his team's first six games of season in the Super Bowl era for he'll be facing the top team independent efficiency on the road for the second straight week after the heat. The ravens last week. The Vikings defense also ranked second PI and I in third down percentage pan the saints defense, stop Adam peeling, his sixty seven catches are the most in a team I seven games of a season in NFL history. And he's had at least. Hundred yards. Going to be a distraction getting asked about it all another game. Gang gang. Everyone's been saying it's the game. But. Anything about this week is going to be a big deal throughout the week of last year's game. And this that I'm pretty serious probably going to be some type of TV special some type of rerun the game or something like mixed with all type of high. I mean, but you know, like like I was saying this new season, you know, new team. This is not a revenge game. There's always. Different season. These are new teams, you know, even though there's a lot of similar personnel to new seasons. New teams new mindset, you know. So listen, it's it's a very good opponent plan on Sunday night football at their place. Well, the saints might not say, but biking's think they're gonna show with a chip on their shoulder..

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