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Begins on podcasts and want to hit the subscribe button to both of them and yeah man it was It was a good time with Brian Deegan thank you enjoy that full interview so we're going to for a new wheel for your off road Michael Car truck or utd the choices easy you choose what the pros US Rodman Cocoon Keegan kincaid and myself Jim beaver all exclusively use vision wheel we're dominating Baja taking the cup at Crandon or shredding UTV's vision wheels trendsetting designs and durability we'll set you apart from the competition and your friends checkout vision wheel dot com or at vision wheel social media to learn more super ATV is the industry leader in aftermarket ut and ATV parts and accessories SUPER ATV products are designed engineered tested and manufactured right here by super ATV whether you're looking to upgrade your suspension get stronger axles are you looking for a new to get you out of a tough spot super ATV has what you're looking for and since we know you're in a hurry we offer fast free shipping to the lower forty eight states on all orders visit Super Eighteen dot Com now and get your utd ATV dialed in listening to the down and dirty radio show powered by ariss razor killer and no filler welcome back to the down and dirty radio show like a welcome my good friend Jeremy McGrath to the show we were just talking off air finally man it's been a long time coming but I spoke to finally have y'all buddy man thanks for having me yeah it's been a long time time coming we what are we were talking about that we been trying to set the thing up for quite a few years now but it's definitely time to knock it off the list so thanks for having me ready my wheels are already turned in I know like this this past week I went out and spent spend a day with the Brian Deegan and we sat down we talked for like almost an hour and a half two hours on his whole career things like that and been fortunate to be able to do that Kim Block and Pastrana and I'm Mike now like now you're GonNa get a text from me Jeremy when do we get to knock this deal out I want to come and like sit down and bring a film crew and knock out a whole like talking about your whole career spanning you can't do that on the national show but I'm like wheels are already clicking man yeah well this is a nice art to it but we we can put that together no problem at all yeah so no we got you on the show in good reason man dude coming out of nowhere Kaluka sell off road racing series sweep in the weekend man I know you had a good run at crandon how fortunate to be able to call that but I mean I know where this whole to pro to engine thing I know you saw maybe a little bit of opening their where you could sneak in and run up front and do pretty well but you do sweep in a weekend you saw that come and Man now I definitely didn't see it coming you know it's true like what a month ago I wanted to be there for Crandon this year I stopped chasing the point series in the Lucas series so I had raised the series for eight years finally won the championship just so pumped got the pro title in Seventeen Eighteen on a decided all right this'll be the last year they'll chase points and then for nineteen season figured all right let's work on the truck get it ready They have like you said they have the new what you am which is SPEC engine little smaller block and so when I decided we're going to Crandon for the fiftieth I was like all right let's build a truck and put smaller engines so we can race with all the proteins that are back there and I didn't didn't WanNa have to use the openness order like we had used in the past so it was time to change up and train and went well so we were like all right well let's let's take this team to go in and see how it goes and obviously I was pretty good often in my truck and we went out and tested a few times and got it sorted out and I was like oh the things pretty good and but yeah I mean to be able to sweep the week and I hadn't I'm not sure I've ever done that of course oh it was pretty pretty amazing weekend well that's going to be pretty cited we're going to see you in Phoenix at the finale now I mean the Cup races are limited your money on the line there too I've gotten that question probably a hundred times graceful and Helen last week and the answer is no I you know I promised myself you know look you know my career and you know my story I've raced race motor recycles race trucks raised a little bit of everything my whole life and I just as soon as I stopped chasing championship I just said look we're GonNa do stuff that makes sense stuff that we can do you drape promotion and hook up our partners like Maxon icon and rigid and and you know all the people that are really helping me and I think it's you know like hey if we can have some fun and and go do it that's what we're GonNa do and you know we came on had a phenomenal weekend it was I I mean you can't dream those kind of weekend so We went day but our plan was never to go to Arizona you know our plan was never to get make it to the finals we Wanted to raise Glen Helen and it went well and so she everyone can sit on that one for a while you know well and you think that's you know I know you see aww guys kind of move into to something like that you know it's you've been on the road for your entire life whether it be chasing supercross motocross titles and then obviously you know you'd mentioned there with you know running seven years in pro too but you feel like that's you know there's I don't know to me there's probably a little bit more happiness in that right where you're not having to worry about getting Ryan weekend you can just show up three or four times a year in and have some fun and you know you can run up front to me it's got up maybe it's a little more fulfilling that way too well I mean certainly last week and was super fulfilling I mean I hadn't raced my truck in eight months and with the exception of driving a crane and a couple of weeks before so you know it's I think just at this point the world is so media driven and we have some different style things we can do shooting videos and and you know we can all sort of think Kim block for that kind of avenue that we've been using lately and.

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