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Yeah, definitely. Well, it certainly I just appreciate these multi dimensional native characters that we saw or that their viewers are going to see there in dark winds and we're seeing like our writers have talked about earlier. We're seeing more and more of that. The depth of the stories, the depth of the characters, and I'm just really grateful that we're moving away from some of these more one dimensional kind of stereotypical roles that we've seen in the past and what are your thoughts on that, Eugene? Yes, I mean, it's changing. It's a kind of thankful to be a part of this time where taking back narrative and results ahead is having that storytelling. I mean, it's huge in indigenous culture. It's our oldest tradition. So to take that and take back the narrative and responsible way is great. And again, with more writers in the room and. To answer to be a part of this time where we're, you know, through our lens, right? It's always. You know what I haven't seen with other stories and other things of, you know, either projects and a lot of the history that we know even looking up in research and care is it's always the non indigenous perspective again to get ragged in the room and change that and that's huge. Yeah, long overdue. We've got a caller Bill listening on KU and M in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bill, you're on the air. Hey, thanks. You know, I read everything, all those Tony hill and novels, even some Anne hillerman and just really appreciate this show. I thought I was getting the inside scoop forever and then found out maybe not so. So I'm looking forward to seeing what gets put on the TV. Thank you. You bet Bill, thanks for calling in. And let's talk a little bit more about it. You mentioned Ann hillerman because Tony hillerman, he passed away a number of years ago and his daughter after he passed picked up the torch and she published some of these Chi and Lee porn novels after his passing. And there's even one of the characters that is in this movie now. There's new series that we're talking about dark ones. That's actually a character that was developed by Anne hillerman. And let's ask Billy about that because Billy, what was that like? You're actually, you know, we talk about Tony hillman's legacy Tony Hillary's legacy. But as writers, you were also working with his daughter and hillerman's legacy as well, right?.

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