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Scoring metric Yokich is the best passing center of all time. And you might make the argument that some of the intangible effects for him. Even though he's not scoring. He will have these games were just totally disappeared. Sometimes which AD I think has done a better job of avoiding this year. But I still just eighty has been at this level for longer. And then defensively there's no comparison between those two guys. I know is the nuggets defense has been better. But when you consider some of the guys that New Orleans is trotting out there and the numbers between when AD is on offer are still extremely favorable to him. So if you wanna make these your team is better arguments ADA's of four point four net writing when he's on the floor Yokich has seven point five. I'm not really willing to listen to arguments of like, oh, the Denver Nuggets of a better record a better point frontal than the New Orleans pelicans. Because when you're off the floor unless you've missed a lot of time to where you're. Off the floor more than you're supposed to be. It's about what you're doing. When that player is on the floor. We're talking about all-star. I just think AD is still a better player than Yokich a better more athletic fewer weaknesses. So that's why I went with him as the starter. So that leaves George and Yokich and Lillard me as locks. A don't think we need to discuss the much more here. I do think Georgia's doing it a little bit with smoke and mirrors offensively. And he's just not he's not the type of guy who's going to really make you an amazing offense by himself. Granted, you know. He's got Russell Westbrook next to you have a lot of shooting. But they just never been that in his career think he's he's a second offensively certainly adds a lot of defensive I, but I'm not gonna say he has more defensively than a d either. So Georgia system is good of a player. That's what it ultimately boils down to your both Yokich Georgia having great seasons. But they are just until further notice a little bit below some of these other guys when we talked about how awesome the top seven players in the NBA are now at Indio kitchen. George smear just a little bit below that group. And didn't thing was lower. But I think Lillard is clearly should be. So that leaves us we've got eight guys not where we're gone. So my ninth actually wasn't as tough Akali certainly not in the same caliber as the other eight that we talked about but Rudy go bare by pick for actually I think I had a number two for defensive player of the year. The last time we did awards. Just a masterful defensive player overall doing a nice job offensively to and while the west centers are stacked in, you know, Steven lamb seven good year. He's gonna get consideration for later spot for me. I think obair has been you know, like, he he fills that ninth spot pretty Abeille for me, especially because some of the other guys that I generally, you know, like, really like as basketball players aren't having as good of a year, relative to even your own standards. So I I had him as kind of another separation for everyone else. Yeah. I think that's fair is just been so good defensively the jazz right back to where they're supposed to be defensively. The numbers in terms of him preventing shots at the rim. When he's on the floor ridiculous. So then he's not going to say some great offense of center. But he does fulfill a role there as finisher extremely efficient these days solid offensive rebounder. So he very good screener part of it's the offense, but he's really close to the lead in screen assists. So he deserves credit for that. I mean, I'm not saying some awesome offensive player. But I do think he's a useful player on that end to be sure there is an element of maybe not having to guard him. But then the other guys who come into this now all really have their flaws at this point in time, or you know, are just not really.

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