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Has the Santa Ana school district has been using a bad guy detector to keep campuses safe. Historically, most schools have. A paper log district. Police sergeant Kevin Phillips says rarely did people ask for I d now a variety of ID's get sucked into a card reader in it automatically checks that against all of the public sex offender databases in the United States among other things that also checks for custodial holds already this year. Seventy sex offender alerts have been issued statewide in Santa Ana corporate Carson, KFI news. The news is brought to you by Nanno. Knee. Federal prosecutors in San Diego have announced hate crimes charges against the nineteen year old man accused of attacking a synagogue killing a woman and injuring three others. US attorney Robert brewers is the case filed today charges John Ernest with one hundred nine counts, including fifty four counts of obstruction of free exercise of religious beliefs resulting in death and bodily injury in involving the attempt to kill. He says there's one count for every person in the synagogue during the attack last month. Each charge carries a possible death sentence. All of the pets at the San Bernardino animal shelter have been adopted out. This woman was among dozens who showed up after all the cats and dogs were spoken for where we're hoping to stop the couple of animals. We heard that they're going to go to kill shelters saw on. I wanted to save like all of them. Well, the city says the animals were not to be euthanized. That was an internet rumor the shelter is closing down because of a lack of funding and Uber has priced its initial public offering at forty five bucks per share valuing the company at eighty two billion. They're set to be offered. Tomorrow. The prices at the lower end of its targeted range of forty four to fifty dollars a share the lower share price may be because of concern over Uber's ability to make money lift went public six weeks ago and has seen its stock drop. It's slow on the five in commerce. This is the northbound.

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