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Milder still on Friday as we head towards The upcoming weekend right now, 32 gray skies here in Boston on a Wednesday morning. It's 805. Hey, I r s employee pick up the phone. Would you have a new report reveals that many people simply could not get through to the I. R. S and 2020, The national taxpayer Advocate says the federal agency received more than 100 million calls last year, but only one and four callers got through report says That means I arrest employees do not answer more than 75 million calls from taxpayers. Seeking help, and part of it is a staffing problem. The report finds the IR s had about 20% fewer employees last year than a decade ago due to cuts in funding. Good morning, fellow losers Once again No one hits the lottery for mega millions, and it's jackpot is still there for the taking. It is expected to be close to a billion dollars the next time the numbers are drawn on Friday night. Also, no one wants the Powerball more than 700 million in tonight's drawing. Come on people This has been going on since September. 2 people from Massachusetts are now under arrest for the attack on the U. S Capitol two weeks ago today. And organizer of Boston Straight Pride parade from 2019 and a native town meeting member both facing federal charges. Federal officials say there is evidence that the attack on the Capitol was fueled in part by the extreme right wing group. Oath Keepers. Three connected to that organization now in custody. 12 National Guard members kicked off the team. All of them with ties to right wing extremists. Two of them accused of making direct threats against lawmakers will much will be different for the inauguration today, No one's allowed on the National Mall for starters under protection by tens of thousands of National Guard troops. But much of the inauguration will be the same. WBC's Drew Mo Holland tells US entertainment and music will help usher in the new president. Lady Gaga J. Lo JT, all coming out for Joe Biden. Today it will be a star power event. Less like the one President Trump got in more like the one president Obama got at his inaugural When Pete Seeger brought it home with this land is your land who was you know it was it was moving because Pete had had such a long and storied career, taking a look back that singer songwriter Tom Rush of Rockport who tells me for someone in his life. Work. That was such a cool moment back in 2009 watching Seeger on the Capitol steps. I didn't know him as well as I would have liked. We are past crossed many times. As for pandemic life for him, Rush tells me he actually got Cove it and is doing okay after some symptoms, But he misses performing. Of course, Of course, I think that's you know, that's what keeps a lot of performers going. For. Now he's embracing the virtual music life. True Mohammed WBC Boston's news radio Every morning. Good to see a lot will remain the same today on the nation's capital. It is 808. Let's find out what's happening. A couple 100 Miles north on Wall Street. We check in with Bloomberg business. Here's Tom Busby. Well, thank you, Jeff. Well, it looks like as the anticipation grows about the inauguration. It's also growing on Wall Street. Dow futures creeping a little bit higher now up about 50 points. CEO of Cambridge based Moderna says the company's on pace to deliver 100 million doses of its covert 19 vaccine by the end of March, and the pandemic has prompted a lot of people to pick up steaks and leave home. And according to Zillow, the online real estate broker, a lot of Americans, many now able to work from home are heading to cities where there's more bang for the housing, buck and better weather and the top housing destinations this year Austin, Texas, Phoenix, Nashville, Tampa and Denver. Coldest ones. New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Philly. I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio, Keeping an eye on.

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