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The little communists from new york city to. That's a good idea. She's not american. She really doesn't embrace our american ways. Okay so I got a hard time with her voice. I'm sorry yeah it's it's a little grading but that's okay That bled into a twitter war. Would that it's actually started before. This even happened. She called her a little communist right. Aoc's clapback was first of all. I'm taller than her. Oh okay that's a great comeback mpg. Came back and said but you're still a comedy you know what we laugh and say we should put them in a cage for a cage fight. I think afc. I thought she was crappier. Now i'm going to go with the marjorie taylor green. Yeah she's gonna fight Would be too concerned about screwing up her hair and her nails. I guess this has started with Tillery wants to debater and abc hasn't given her Response yet. I would be great. Actually i think it turned into a yelling match. But i i hope so. I don't think well. I don't know much about marjorie taylor green other than usually. She says crazy stuff. She does Yeah she's what did you say your perfect. She's the republican version of. Afc's to the democrats. I think she is i think. She's the the republicans. Aoc yeah only. She stands alone you know. Asc has like a whole squad. Trace marjorie taylor. Green is is all by herself and her own little island. Although she's like she kinda she's always taking pictures of that Lauren bogert there now. Well they it's probably because and the new ones avenue squaw new squad the young squad. So maybe this is like this is like this is like justice league. You've got the you've got the The legion of doom and the hall of justice there you go to counterparts. What's happening here. We should animate them mission. Meet in the streets than have a fight is the most entertaining thing of politics now anyway. At least it's fun it was. I was surprised she was the trump which means trump really likes her. Daddy does up there jim. Jim jordan opened up. And then max miller actually came out and said a few things and then he laughed and then finally trump get up there. But trump introduced. Max miller and let them talk for a while. I was shocked. It's got more than thirty seconds. I'm shocked to because that wasn't the case before members. Oh by the way. Vote for this guy. Leader wave back is in the crowd. Where's the next trump rally. That's going to be here soon. It's in tampa right right now with saturday at saturday. The third that's july third it's july. Oh right i can't believe edworthy year. That is wild old by the way. Did you guys see the picture of N. t. g. there where she was she was flexing. Oh she did with the crowd. Yes i think. Our arms are bigger than behind. She's powerlifter freely. She's a she does a lot of cross fit stuff. Okay that makes sense. She looks like she's a little powerhouse. She is good for her. She's Maybe she will take out a c. Then she'll be like Court porn corn is to biden. Thank god all these knuckleheads around though gives us something to talk about with shoring but radical joe biden the kid..

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