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That's coming up in a few minutes. So. We were just talking about the Lakers. Right. And just kind of how weird the process has been right. It's just been anyone remotely. Close to the basketball world has felt that it just feels like the process has either been non existent or just out of order or just strange in any way, shape or form, Andy, and it conversely, you look at the way the dodgers conduct their business, and it rarely feels like even if you disagree with some of the moves you understand that least their position though, when they make the moves is that a fair way to describe it. I feel like you have more confidence in the decisions that they're making if nothing else and like some of the decisions they've made like when they when they traded UCLA league. And Matt camp in that big, you know, salary moving deal to Cincinnati. It felt like they were setting up for something big. And that big thing never really happened. I mean the closest thing you'd call. It was AJ Pollock. But I think for most for most fans that's not what they were looking for and some fans, I know that was considered underwhelming. But by. Enlarge the moves this brain trust is made feels trustable like you you feel like their decisions being made by smart people who've got you know, they've got a reason that got a path that they're going down. Yeah. I mean, look Andrew Friedman got the Tampa Bay bleeping raise on a shoestring budget to the World Series. Right. That's that's all you needed to know. And look just because the man has money to work with now doesn't necessarily mean he's going to strike gold. Because that hasn't always been the case in baseball like we've seen guys who've worked on shoestring budgets, and then they go on to other teams general managers that are that is and it hasn't worked out. They haven't been able to replicate or duplicate their success that they had in the smaller market. So it's not always going to be the case. Perhaps. That's honestly, why Billy bean has never left the Oakland A's, right? Like, some people feel that despite having a chance he could have been the Red Sox general manager he could have been THEO Epstein, basically, if he wanted to be, and you know, Theo's been able to duplicate that now in two places with the reds. Socks and the cubs. So I just think that Andrew Friedman and just kind of the way the dodgers do business needs to be commended more in in this particular situation. But with the Lakers, I just hope that they just get this over with and higher Theron Lou because I also feel like money Williams is going to be a mistake money Williams, not necessarily from all the discussions..

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