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You're listening to W R an LP Pasco. Tennessee Radio Free Nashville. From the Sundance film festival in Park City Utah. This is democracy now. Well, I was really inspired to write clemency. The morning after Troy Davis was executed the morning after he was executed. So many of us were sad and frustrated and angry. And I thought if we're all dealing with promotions. What must be like for the people who had to kill him. You know, what is it like for your livelihood to be tied to the taking of human life? As Texas carries out. The nation's first execution of the year. We look at clemency a new film starring alfre Woodard that examines the death penalty from the perspective of the executioners as well. As the condemned. We'll speak with the film's director the Nigerian American writer director Chania Chewco, then to always in season lynching for more than a century was ultimate tool racial terrorism. It is the way on a continuum tactics to maintain white supremacy was a way to keep black people policing themselves. It was the ultimate terrorism. As we Mark the beginning of black history month, we turn to a disturbing new documentary looking at lynching in the United States at centers on the death of blending lacy. A seventeen year old African American high school student found hanging in two thousand fourteen from a swing set in a large white trailer park in North Carolina. We'll speak with Lacey's mother as well as the director, Jacqueline olive all that and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot.

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