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And you'll never see them again so it's very important you know to take care of them and to see that that that's great yes okay so I think you know unless there's anything else you wanted to mention about the twelve cats of Christmas any other tidbits recommendations for people out there who are considering adopting a cat this holiday season well I you know I think has to make the best path for your home if you're someone who is busy and you want you know someone who can give you love that is sort of like self maintained and you don't have to go outside in the snow and walk your cats like you don't know or the rain if you're in Florida cats make great pets they provide unconditional love they're funny if it wasn't four cats I don't think you two would be as popular as it is I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter my husband are looking on you too but we're watching crazy videos the cats and I was laughing and crying so much cats are so funny and you know to this day yes ma'am spring when I'm working I'll put on it this cat video channel and just watch them so cats make great pets they do require care they do need to be seen by that they need to be given the right pet food it's important for them to stay healthy and active in you can you know exercise them feed them appropriately keep them nice and my in a nice weight range but they make great great pats and we're so happy to be teaming up with the little cats rescue and we're so excited about that so we do encourage you to go to essentials pack here's Facebook page follow was in watch on start December thirteenth when we see the first cat out there and share it with your friends and if you're not in the port Richey area we do want you to consider adopting pets and I would recommend to go to get your cat and see if there's any pets in your area that would fit your lifestyle thank you so much thank you I appreciate your time today I appreciate you telling us all this and sharing your knowledge and I'm so excited please keep us posted on what's happening with the centrals pet care and as you expand we certainly want to have you back on the show and just a second what you said if you're not in the port Richey area and and little cats rescue is not convenient there are so many other cats out there all across the country looking for homes visit us to get your pet dot com or go online visit your local shelter there's just so many cats and and if you're not ready for adoption.

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