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Vaccinated against coronavirus. Cph officials have announced that employees will need to get either the vaccine made by Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson. By November, 1st. Employees will be able to seek an exemption due to medical reasons or sincerely held religious beliefs. Ohio lawmakers, meantime, are slowly moving toward new district maps for the state. Ohio Democrats have already released new maps for state, House and Senate districts, and Republicans will present there's on Thursday, The Ohio Redistricting Commission had a constitutional deadline to introduce a new map. September 1st. GOP lawmakers say they were delayed because the U. S. Census Bureau was slow to release population data. The goal is for unanimous approval on statehouse maps for 10 years, state lawmakers have until the end of the month to approve new congressional District lines. I'm Jack Crumley, a woman convicted on charges related to a local murder. Is now on the run Pretty upset, you know she wants. She applied guilty to the charge and now is on the run from the Delaware County Sheriff's Office is looking for Ashley quick. She was convicted for her role in the death of Donna Harris in 2019. Investigators say Quick was involved in Harris Murder, along with Justin Eastman, who was sentenced to life in prison. Quick was sense to 18 months after pleading guilty to complicity to theft and obstruction of justice. Deputies say Quick was supposed to turn her Self in yesterday, but she was spotted at a nail salon and West Broad Street. Donna's daughter, Brittany found out she showed up at the salon trying to block quick inside until deputies came quick ran out the back door down the alley and has not been seen since. That is our partners at ABC. 61 person is dead after a crash early this morning on the city's south side, police say it happened at the intersection of Harmon and Frank. The identity of the person killed has not yet been released, and that accident remains under investigation. Tight security is planned for Saturday's commemoration of the 9 11 attacks. The 9 11 Remembrance marks the 20th anniversary of the attacks, and it follows the collapse of the U. S backed government in Afghanistan. Those two things make for what Deputy Police Commissioner John Miller called an elevated threat environment. We've seen the call to action this year. Be louder and better organized from terrorist groups then we have seen in prior years. There is no specific or credible threat associated with the ceremony in Lower Manhattan, but Miller said the NYPD would have additional officers on patrol to make sure the families feel safe. Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS NEW YORK Rick You Chino stay connected to Columbus in central Ohio on the hour 30 minutes past in his news breaks, the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show continues next. Use radio 6 10 w TDN SPORTS It's mark. High Football, updated service in mid state basement systems and clouds roofing Ohio State facing Oregon in a nationally televised showdown Saturday, coach Ryan did not saying whether defensive backs Cam Brown and seven banks or safety Josh Proctor, all dealing with injuries will be available for the game. Join us tomorrow night. We'll talk Buckeyes with you, or bucks line from 6 to 8, former Buckeye Potter Drue Chrisman out of work after being cut From the Bengals practice squad..

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