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Medical staff this is staff they have trained and ordained doctors and nurses next they force you to sit silently. Staring into another person's is for five hours without movement. They continue for five more hours with your eyes closed. If you flinch or start to off you start again if you question scientology they move to 'isolation until you promise the stop. The charge families tens of thousands of dollars constantly asked for more money and say that. We don't actually do scientology here. They monitor your phone calls under threat so you cannot say otherwise and then clift includes as with most rehab programs. They want you to take responsibility for your actions but they blatantly take advantage of this to make you feel like a you are a lowlife. They scientology or the only solution having said all this says cliff. It probably does help some people but in my honest and clean for many years. Not nothing's to them opinion. They scare people away from rehabilitation and make folks think it is a form of prison. I know this is something that maybe we have heard about before. But i don't know if we've talked about narconon on the air with each other have we. We haven't have we. I can't remember a time unless it was no i. I don't think our drugs in the military would have covered it or hallucinogens in medical research. I think this might be the first. Yeah so it's weird because both the church of scientology and narconon say that it's a secular program it's completely independent of the religious teachings of scientology. But it seems like many people. Many people are disillusioned with narcan or have family members who have gone through that program. They they argue the opposite. They say it's a front group for scientology with the ultimate aim of recruiting people. What are you guys. think about that. Well is it actually in any way associated with scientology is yeah it is like officially oh as at a organizationally its parent company. Is something called the association for better living in education way for able and able is owned and controlled by the church of scientology so it's like a subsidiary of a subsidiary which means they could argue you force that we exist independent of that We just have our roots there. If you go to scientology dot org. They have a whole section on drug rehabilitation and prevention. And that's the thing that's that's what makes scientology a bit. You know insidious is they are they. They appealed people at their lowest. Either professionally. or they're trying to get a foothold. Moved to hollywood. And you know. They're trying to become an actor or screenwriter. Whatever and that's the story you always here but this is even more predatory Whereas people that are truly at their lowest points and perhaps come from wealthy families or or pay the money that tastes because rehab ain't cheap I always assumed narcan non was like alanon and that it was just another type of meeting that you go to And then it was like a family situation that it wasn't like rehab exactly but i this is really news to me Alanon alcoholics anonymous. I'm sorry that's different to move. Yup yeah alanon separate from alcoholics anonymous. But i think it was. I don't think they're in cahoots or in conflict with one another. I think narconon so al-anon founded in nineteen fifty one right. Narconon was founded in nineteen sixty six so without sounding conspiratorial. Is it possible. That hubbard made a similar name. You know on purpose as a marketing or brand recognition thing And the more. I've read about narconon. The more i see problems with just their treatment in one thousand nine hundred seventy an official for the church of scientology said that narconon is rehabilitation programs are based entirely on the tenants and teachings of scientology. You know what that means no site. Psychotherapist right yeah. That's something that. I wish you would have gotten into with With mike on that. We didn't really talk about the aversion to psychologists and psychiatry. And i could probably guess why it is because it gives you agency over people gasoline you and and the tools to cope with abusers. That's just to my two cents on why that might be of course. There's there's there's a whole mythology wrapped up in it within the teachings of scientology it's fascinating stuff. I had no idea about this connection though like with the narconon and scientology zero. Oh yay if you look at their website. I went to narconon dot org and i was looking around trying to find something that says scientology on it on their main page. I did a quick little apple f for scientology and found it nowhere. It's not on there. It's not on that front. Page does not say scientology anywhere at least in something. That is searchable. And i can't find it anywhere in like a an image or something you know maybe just be embedded in an image but if you go all the way to the bottom under our history our technology and you go to about narconon and then you do a little apple f four scientology there you find zero identifiable mentions of scientology but if you go all the way down again underneath there's a subheading under about knockin on global mission fifty years saving lives blah blah blah blah blah blah. Oh here it is l. ron hubbard. There we go there. We talk about the stuff. They don't want you to know right. Yes weird i've wanted to do you know people in the current wanted to do for a number of years and episode on problems with rehabilitation programs throughout history in narconon has been in my on my radar for a while but it's tricky because we wanna make sure that we're not. I offer giving people medical advice legal advice and secondly that we're not like i. I don't want to do anything that would stop. Someone who needs help from going to a rehabilitation center you know. That's that's important thing but also you know the thing about narconon like here's one of the weirdest things about them in terms of their treatment. Have you guys heard of nias. Lake niacin bombs. Yes this this is where some of that comes from who yeah they would. Does somebody with four thousand milligrams a day of niacin And this is meant to the this is part of a vitamin mineral supplement regimen. That is supposed to address existing nutritional deficiencies and help help you offset nutrient lost through sweating. But the nice thing goes back to hubbard because he believed niacin would increase. I think it's free fatty acid and like the mobilization of free fatty acid. And then it would help you get rid of toxins. So they would They.

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