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Jamie markedly David van Damme and Scott robin making sense of it all having some fun this is mark Lee van Damme and robin right and that's got Robbins so are people thinking that Democrats are gonna screw up another carcass for sure they are well I I don't know how they're also batted days so the Democratic Party scrambling right now because the Iowa caucuses were such a mess and they want to make sure they get the next round of talks is right it's like the boys to screw it up all over again no matter the cracks of that is the next caucus they are they're not going to use that app that the Iowa Democrats use which is what caused the malfunction they have a new app and it's being put on their iPads and hand in those iPads are being handed out to the folks responsible for running the caucuses but don't call it a nap see it's a tool so how its frame rate is actually a training video a party staffer tells volunteers that this new mechanism is not an app but should be thought of as a tool and then when they were asked by a volunteer how results will be transmitted from one place to another guess what the staffer said well those are all excellent questions and we're still working out some of the details around those so all make sure everyone has more information is were able to share it cheese you had for years a boy to get your ducks in a row with this and a birdie Bros are also upset because you know mayor Pete had paid this company that developed the doomed app in Iowa so the Democrats are trying to make it look like they're not reading it against Bernie in favor of their Pete and how are they doing this in Nevada they just hired a voter protection director whose last job was being an organizer for mayor Pete that's fantastic wow man I mean I know that we've all hammered Republicans for screw ups over time and maybe it's just because this is a current one that were on this seems really really bad yes in a lot it it looks shady I mean we'll see how it goes but you're telling me it's got the DNC chair says no problem well no heating welding national income per as is the guy in charge and yes there people are calling on them Hey man you gotta go he's like No Way absolutely not I'm not going anywhere he said I had to make tough decisions during my tenure I mean I was a mess I'll admit it okay had such huge success in the twenty eighteen mid terms I guided the ship look what happened a lot of big wins here is taking credit for that yes he is if anything Democrats under perform no they did not into twenty eighteen mid terms they kind of under performed look at the last three years of my job when I came here I rebuilt our infrastructure we won elections all ma'am we have been winning this is what it's about I'm a winner I want to hear this didn't come out in droves in Iowa well this is the first chance in the presidential race for Democrats to come show their stuff made well and we'll see in New Hampshire elsewhere I mean I don't I know the extrapolate much from one race and and it's a conversation this is even though there were satellite caucuses and other opportunities you know the reality is it's harder for people to vote okay well who's in charge of that that's I'm sorry man that's not in the leadership man did that change the sure you take responsibility you like in the end it stops with me we have to make changes what happened in Iowa should never have happened I will take the blame right and then you could shift blame a little bit your statement by naming exactly what happened with different people going back to the statement of but it stops with me right in the end it's my responsibility he's not even doing that look at all the ways I have one give me a break again this is why people hate politicians man oh man now we mentioned mayor Pete although to judge and he's having to tell yeah.

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