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There you around for that you saw it was losing my mind because my bitcoin literally does disappeared and went to coin base now um but that transactions is vanished people don't want that kind of experience now they're out use this so anyway that's give me some dash man that's what i recommend is if you're a morning if you're merchant and you're still accepting bitcoin core ak bt see you need to be very very careful and make sure you don't ship products until you get at least one confirmation because otherwise happy as he can just revoke it and that than that was never the way bitcoin was intended that's how it is now and a lot of things about bitcoin that that are now that are in rafah what what was intended in that's another reason why support a lot of these smaller currencies of people are like oh you know what is what's your crap going this week no a lot of these currencies i support them because they've they've got new technology new ideas or they support the philosophy that i feel was originally behind cryptocurrencies of of of anonymity and secrecy and decentralisation getting the hands out of central planners in a and i support coins there that are pushing those ideas so go story here related to bitcoin from huffington post entitled the bitcoin hoax by robert massie noor or kuttner excuse me kushner the cofounder and co editor of the american prospect whenever that is he writes imagine an unholy alliance between cyber.

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