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Her on september thirtieth on the eve of the launch of our brand new series of episodes endless thread will be irl. We're getting onstage baby at city space. Wvu ours live events base in boston. Join us in person or from the internet's for a special sneak preview of the new series. We've been working on for like ever. Which is all about memes. What are they why are they. Who are they scumbag. Steve luke skywalker billy. Mays here for oxy. Clean the stained specialist. This is taylor. Armstrong from the original housewives beverly hills plus how memes are fundamentally changing the ways we communicate and maybe even changing us. Memes are the future. We'll play games. We'll talk to me m- scholars which is yes. An actual thing that exists and we'll hear from real people who've been blasted into the meema sphere of internet fame. A find it difficult sometimes because i am the rick rick rolling. So that is a bit weird. If i'm honest wanna see it. Whatever you're gonna thing already over five million people have viewed it and my brain is just like you gotta get your tickets those tickets. Wbz dot org slash events. Let's hang produced by the island at wbz. Are boston ben. All right fine. i'll go talk to someone else. See how are you. i'm good. i'm good summer. You know how people are like summer's over. And i'm like nope not until next week. I was in the pond. Yesterday it was called. It was cold and the pond yesterday. But i was in it good for you so this is. This is the true and of summer snack and This is when we just in case anyone tuning in for the very first time. This is when we shared shorter stories from the internet for each other in preparation for the larger meal-sized episodes that are coming up very soon. We announced when we're coming back october. I almost terrifyingly soon debate. But in the meantime we have. We have a little snacks for each other little snack stories. Snake snack snippety snacks. Do you wanna go first. I definitely do. And i have a question for you ameri okay. What kind of reality television show would you go on like if you were going to be featured on reality. Tv show what would it be. Like what would your skill set. P what am i really good at i. I know dates. I can remember dates really well. Birthdays and significant dates You could Stick me in a pack of elephants. And i'd have to like befriend the elephants. I feel like. I can do well in that environment. I don't even think the you're gonna get a meeting based on these so far. No i probably not any of those like Cer- build a build a fortress for yourself and kill on an forge for all your own food. I'd be dead in where what why. Where are you going with this. Are you aware of the recent twitter conversation about a recent announcement that cbs is going to host. A competition series called the activist actor actor priyanka chopra musical artist usher in dancing with the stars star. Julian huff are all going to host. And it's six activists competing to bring attention to causes. That are focused. On health education and the environment the competing activists success is measured via online engagement social metrics and hosts input god. The hosts will guide the activists through their journey with plenty of surprises from high profile public. Figures what's your reaction to this. There are a lot stupider reality shows out there. You know where you basically just like. Let's put all these people on an island and see if they make out so this doesn't this doesn't rub me the complete wrong way. Well that puts you in the minority at least according to twitter which you know in which certain people can be very loud but you know This got a lot of hate on twitter. The idea of this show. What what nyoman klein tweeted. I'm confused is this an advanced. Marxist critique to expose how competition for money and attention pits activists against each other and undermines deep change. or just the end of the world someone else Named san cool son. Awani were all laughing at the activists. Show shoring starring priyanka chopra but that's what activism has been reduced to so i don't know if you know about priyanka but priyanka has been controversial in the past. She's Sort of cheered on indian armed forces when they've launched airstrikes on india's neighbor pakistan And at the time our sentiment sort of aligned her with hindu nationalists in india. This is all been very controversial. Julianne apparently wore black face back in twenty thirteen. Usher has been sued for giving people. Std's then not disclosing that he had an s. t. d. when he gave them the s. T. i mean it's just it's messy. It's massive the reaction is messy The the network is producing this in partnership with global citizen The ceo of that is organization is australian born hugh evans his linked in bio says among other things. Quote at fourteen australian-born evans the night in a manila slum. The harsh realities of his hosts lives motivated evans to challenge the status quo of extreme poverty. It's just it's just tricky territory to way into especially on a reality show right. Yeah i think that there is a larger conversation to be had about. How do we change the world. It's not simple and certainly once you throw celebrities into the mix and a reality show into the mix. It's going to get more complicated. Sometimes if if something makes people mad it can actually inspire further action and maybe this will be that that people will want.

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