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Type of advice call ye right now. Phone lines a wide open. It's the breakfast love. Good morning on baby mama. Issue season words of wisdom. Call up now for ashby. Eight hundred five eight five one. Oh five want a breakfast club. Dice personal advice. Just the real advice all up now for morning. Everybody use tj envy envy. Ye shall me the guy we are. The breakfast club is tough. Ask ye hello. Who's this they nikki. I'm i listen to you every morning. Guy man. I really love you more is i met this guy where i work and i went out with him the same day and then a week later i had sex with though and i feel like hey how you just wanna could. We could get you know his place and stuff that so i want to retry that back because i feel like he just wanted to do that. But he's saying he has a women he wanted to take me out but not all right well ed. You can't retract that you already did it so has done but you guys. Are you still going to house and cooking and everything right. Yeah yeah and how often do you other. We don't well. We don't seem to like every day because of my schedule my schedule. And that's the other thing he was like. I don't know your schedule with doing. Hey stuff like that. And i'm like within your schedule. That doesn't sound too bad nikki. You might be over thinking this. You know what i am over thinking. You're right cook the. Mlb is we're adults right. So if you meet somebody you have set to them a week later he also had sex with you so you could be judging him for that as well and so. I feel like what's going to happen. It's going to happen at this point. You did it. It'd be unapologetic about a on it. You'll have sex after you. 'cause you guys are data attracted to each other. It's not like he ghosted you. he's still talking to you. He asked to know your schedule. Yeah he did not goes me and actually as a matter of fact i talked on last night and he was like you got some of the best. You know what that. I've had. I right no. It's not alive. You guys have chemistry with each other. You clearly have some strong chemistry. What happened happened now. If y'all if your main thing is you want him to take you out right you don't want to just be going over there and cooking and just being in the house so plant something and by him out you tell him. Yeah i really wanna see candyman. Let's go to the movies like you make a plan because he'd said he doesn't know your schedule and you do have children so being respectful of that. Maybe he's not able to make those plans. Maybe you're not available at certain times. So i suggest that you bring it up to him and say dynasty candyman. Let's go see together something like that. How good i didn't even think about said Lower candyman candyman might be a little too scary. Scary movies are great but listen first of all a black woman directed the dacosta us so let's support her. Secondly there's nothing more fun than going on a date and your adrenaline going by watching the little horror movie. You could grab onto him. I know one thing that was as good as she said it is. He'd be over there cook her way. It sounds to me like he. He pulled one hand on your back. One hand on your frontal and bam bam bam bam bam i would sound like an hanko so you guys are still communicating is still kind of early stages you guys are figuring each other out and giving yourself too hard of a time by judging your own self. Okay okay well. I appreciate that i what is it. Everybody shout out. Instagram's hager plants out to black planet out let me. Lan fuel cosmetic all right. We'll look through your planet. You okay all right as key. Eight hundred five eight five one. Oh five on. If you need relationship advice or any type of device call email was the breakfast locomotion real real vice interleague s morning. Everybody is tj envy. Angela ye shall. I mean the guy we oughta breakfast club in the middle of ask e hello. Who's this look. Hey what's your question for you abra a divorce and some people have been telling me like She's got plans on these routes dollars. And i'm just so. What is the reason for the divorce. You're saying it's because she won't admit things i did. You have some part in this as well we've been married But you know what i'm saying like is a major get a personal counter. Also he always comes back with a proper like china. Find wrong with me. Her i i. I'm sorry you both have issues right as we all do. What mom aren't i go to work. You know what. I'm saying. You know i've come home. Cook clean are bigger on date. I don't know what the issue is. You know what i'm saying like. Are you hoping to work things out. No no. you're not was wrong. You know what i'm saying like. What is our problem with you because you keep on talking about. She needs to emissions wrong. She does this. She does that i asked you. You could have contributed to this in any way. Are you perfect and you pretty much like you haven't contributed to any of the problems in the relationship. I bertha weren't. I wouldn't desserts and i go to church where but i guess i'm not reaching that spiritual expectation for and Yeah that's one thing and then you know i always ask for Was never had time for a woman owned wants. But like i i. It's time for my wife. you know. Okay so she's leaving. You is basically why this is happening or you're leaving her. 'cause you've said you had a lot of issues with her. Uncle was going to leave her. So many times argus us affected by that that will do it. Never that's definitely not good for your remember. Got to the point. Where i said. Why leading tight why would you. Why would you threatening to leave her. S sounds like you guys have had a breakdown in communication because you've never even expressed to her. What it is that is making. You wanna leave right. You said you'd never even gotten to that point but as far as you guys getting a divorce. You're saying that there's no going back you don't want to be together or would you're like she wants me to say i like. She's not willing to. she's not willing to sacrifice. Anything is like the way she thinks it's the man's supposed to do chasing but my whole family telling me to leave saying because everybody know last years but it's like we get married you don't want to get a divorce. Gave out right. Yeah and you guys go to counseling. That didn't help advice in the first guy. He does opportunity and run obese before before we ever became finance fable or or or happy. I wanna say this your main thing today as you want to know about whether or not you pay these bills for the last month because of getting a new lease right old people and they told me that she getting a lawyer and doing all this other stuff and i don't understand why you're not talking to each other about this and why are other people involved. I just don't understand that. But i will say this if you feel like there's a chance that you can work things out or if you guys are trying to do that right i don't think they're not paying bills is the answer that feels like being petty and y'all at one point did love each other and so i would rather you endings on a good note then doing.

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