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And now that he had an audience he would do whatever he had to do in order to maintain it. He knew that the best way to do. This was to lean into his reputation as a man of the occult and to perform outlandish stunts that would get people talking. This is perhaps best exemplified in a seminar on cannibalism and human sacrifices in which he covered the subject in surprisingly thorough detail as part of the lecture students of Levin were invited to dine on a cooked. Why of a young woman the leg had been biopsy and provided by Berkeley physician who attended Antanas lectures regularly. Diane served it with fried bananas and yams just as the Fiji. Islanders did adding Tonka bean wine and caterpillars to complete the meal, the hubbub created around the stunt made Anton realized that perhaps his greatest asset assembling new adoring followers would be publicity and soon he began to get it in nineteen sixty four Monique Benoi society columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle was the first to write about anti. She referenced his latest job as a psychic investigator. And the fact that he was now holding strange rituals in his menacing black house, even legendary journalist. Herb Cain included him in his daily gossip column describing Anton attending the opera resplendent in a formal. Black Cape with scarlet lining and carrying an antique sword. Cane? Not content with this conspicuous reputation. Anton decided to take it one step further. He adopted a pet he would walk through the San Francisco streets, but not just any pet a black leopard name Soltan Anton treated him like just another child so much so that Zoltan slept in the same crib? As his daughter. Carla one night in nineteen sixty four when Anton was elsewhere Zoltan darted out into the street and was killed by a passing car. Anton quickly replaced him with a ten week old Nubian lion named towbar. Those who visited Anton were impressed by his ability to handle the line in his own house. However, its presence betrayed some questionable judgment on Anton behalf, particularly when togue are left a scar on Carlos back, even after this Levin continued to let the lion sleep in her room. It appears that LeVine was more concerned with showing off his pet than. The safety of his own child. According to scientific American exhibition 'isms, such as this is typical of the grandiose narcissist. Grandiose narcissism is a flamboyant assertive and inter personally dominant style these individuals have an inflated sense of self are overconfident in making decisions and have a hard time learning from their mistakes. When fortunately for Anton. But perhaps fortunately for his daughter. Carla togue are had the habit of roaring loudly at night which disturbed his neighbors. Eventually a city ordinance was passed forbidding lions in private homes. To- gar was taken from Anton and brought to the zoo this swelling publicity, brought even more people to Anton lectures, they would quiz him about magic spells hypnosis and other phenomena. It was around this time that LeVine had a life altering interaction with one of these patrons a police officer named Jack Webb. Web in Levin would regularly chat about magic and the occult one night. Speaking off the cuff Webb said, quote, why don't you make some use of all this magic stuff and the philosophy? You've spun around it h-, you know, you've got the material for the founding of a whole new religion. Do you realize that and quote while it seems almost inevitable that Anton le'veon's probably would have gone on to found the church of Satan, regardless? He credits this interaction with Jack Webb as being the catalyst to what would eventually become the first public highly visible and long lasting organization, which propounded coherent, satanic discourse. Anton, new his ideas could not be just a philosophy. That would be too easy for people to pass off our overlook. He would have to form a new religion. What's more? He would call his new organization at church consecrated not in the name of God. But in the name of Satan, there's always been a satanic underground. In the mid eighteenth century, sir Francis dash would formed the hellfire club. Several of England's most influential men would gather for satanic, feasting, reveling and debauchery. However, there had never been an organized satanic religion that practiced openly Anton decided it was high time. There was Anton already knew the date upon which is church of Satan would be established. It would be during the traditional night of the.

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