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Jamal williams who had been on the injury report was taken off. No designation for this game. So both d andrea swift and jamaal williams should play one more update. Here's the i think you have the information. In regards to jarvis landry but of an update their yet germany fowler just confirming what we talked about earlier that he has an mc l. sprains that is official no update on a timeline of course mc l. spring there for jarvis. Landry him back on the field we shall see if his ironman streak continues or not. Feel nice question. Do you want me to go. I just want to know. Kyle put on the note over under an rogers passing yards tonight. It's three hundred over over lake. Like i feel very comfortable. Yeah i believe this was a red zone question as well and being did on the red zone me. Yes i probably want again probably. It's what is still ahead by the accounting. Listen we've been doing the red zone for years. And years and years fantasy vote will now always gets out to an early lead. She always falters. I always end up winning it. Yeah i've wanted. I believe three. The last four years including back champion story tortoise very tortoise to see over here except tortoise. Here's i think more important question much more important question nipple daniel plus in the room so much hair. The hair nice. Nice job by you princeton. Very clever wordplay. all right. Here's a question is much more important. yes daniel dot. Yeah it's defined you bow. Yes does mason. Crosby get ten points tonight because field. Yates an iron playing each other in the war room league. I am down by nine point three or something like that. We don't do decimal scoring. We do have kickers in the sixteen team. War room league field as done and again. He's up by nine point. Something i am done except for mason crosby does mason crosby get ten points tonight you to know. I feel bad saying this. I think they're going to be too efficient as an offense to kick field goals. Thirty five nothing and they get five. Yeah i seriously fear as well. Yeah i actually. I i maybe i could just text aaron rodgers and say you know what. Let's bring mason crosby in you know because no not because he's a fan of mine but because he's a fan of fields and then he would want to help him out by saying. Yeah i need crosby did not have points tonight. Oh so you know how wrong said know. It's gonna run what matthew they'd like to do starts yapping. I do what the audience does. I also i'm gonna go back to aaron rodgers. Tell him to go ahead and score all those touch problem with that. We are back tomorrow. We're gonna finish everything that we didn't have the chance to get to today. We promise we'll get to monday night. Football we'll talk more waiver wires as well for matthew. It's to find daniel. Im field thanks for listening to.

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