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Up to the trend that trade deadline. Now we're going to talk a little cowboys And they're out there at training camp david david temperature and ochsner. It is jerry calls in right now as we're talking i believe it is sixty. Seven degrees in the marine layer has not burned off. I will say there is no trip to ox. Nerd is jerry calls it last year but the the three two two to three previous trips. It was warmer here than it had been. It was actually getting up into the mid seventies Sometimes even the upper seventy some days and that marine layer would burn off by Seven thirty eight in the morning. But now this hawking why are we having marine layer talk now in this camp. I would say the marine layer is not burning off till about noon twelve thirty and it has been. It's been a return to what this climate has been for so long in southern calvert but but but i will say this the song it never rains in southern california did not apply yesterday because it rained for about two and a half to three minutes. Here which is only the second time. I can remember since i've been coming here. My god how you guys are suffering. That's the problems. Leventis songs is that you know talking about never rain in southern california. What a ridiculous lyric. That was in the first place i love. I'll talk about marine layers. You don't have makes me all patriotic. So.

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