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Guy who carved a statue dwight to now is not not a professional artist at all he was not it was the sergeant at arms of the state house and there's a lot of speculation about whether he did all or part of it or who knows yeah we're we're we're we're leaning towards or pretty sure that he did the head and <hes> we have great photographs of him working on that in a shed that used to be behind the state house. Listen our cafeteria is and he employed some of the the young bucks who worked for him at the state house to do the body and the body is made of all of these pieces pieces of ponderosa pine like to four two by sixes that have all been glued together in one big chunk and then like pieces of rebar pounded in there to hold all that together <hes> and then that was carved into kind of a rudimentary body with the real artistry of that statue is in in the head <hes> by this. I you know untrained untrained wood carver who happened to be the sergeant arms at the time and he said you know what i can do this a lot cheaper than hiring somebody to do it vermont away. I guess i'm often ribbed the sergeants at arms since then asking will what have you done. That's useful like dwight vinyl wondering why we had to hire an artist to do a new one yeah well. We'll talk to sergeant miller about the hassle. That'd be fun so you can see the statue. Actually that used to be on top of the dome beginning on the twenty sixth of october the history museum in montpellier so <hes> put that on your schedule steve perkins a director. This historical society is <hes> is our guest and <hes> another key project of the society. Overtime is publications. <hes> you've published pushed a lot of <hes> books that <hes> have brought to our state's history to delight and and the latest one <hes> is very interesting. <hes> it falls up on the conversation conversation. We were happening. We're having with the governor scott <hes> during the last segment on our demographic challenge and <hes> we can attract more people to come and populate in our state <hes> t- tell us about that book yeah so this conversation that we have about you know populating vermont and what's going on with the population aging population relation is something that we've been having you know throughout our history <hes> really since the civil war <hes> on up until up until now and so the the powers the or the community of vermont was having these conversations in the early twentieth century and a local historian local vermont historian impulse arose teaches at northern vermont university wrote a book using some case studies from the early twentieth century about how vermont irma started to address this issue of how do we attract people to our state. How do we get folks to settle in these communities. <hes> how do we stop a young people from leaving the state and in fact get young people to move into the state on these questions or taking place in his book he writes that we're taking place in the nineteen teams teams thanking twenties and into the nineteen thirties and it's a fascinating look at how we as reminders during that time mm-hmm tried to address these questions and you know for better for worse and <hes> and it raises questions of how do we define our own community entity so the book is very specific on these on these areas..

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