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They rooting for the worst case scenario team that can't really shoot from long range that's milwaukee and yeah you have to deal with the greek freak but your best players are six nine and above in joel and be if ben simmons so you hope you could find a way to contend with him but imagine watching in this would be an interesting sight to see two of the more talented players in the game ben simmons in greek freak bolt going at three going at one another while neither one of them primarily shoot threes like it's an afterthought in their game absolutely and that's what's going to be fascinated if they if those two guys got a chance to go after go against one another but don't count out the boston celtics in advance and i think that's who the sixers ultimately end up playing as do i so now you guys know my opinion about live music outta love live music but don't get it twisted i love live events i like buying tickets eleven vents attending live events being in the crowd feeling the energy and i've got young kids and i gotta take my young kids to love vents we wanna go see papa troll live which is coming right here to los angeles chase rocky zuma rubble i've been a patrol live before it's dope and when i wanna get tickets to pump patrol i use the key cap just like you should because buying tickets can be complicated abusing you don't know if you're getting a deal all of that goes away with scekic because what seatgeek does is they find you the best of the best prices and they're awfully guaranteed there's nothing quite like experiencing something like papa troll live you experience it in person and seek it gets you closer to the action i've got the app on my phone and you can get any ticket with just a few quick taps true story yesterday we're driving by the staple center my.

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