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News room Alistair Adele has been chosen by the Maricopa County Board of supervisors to fill former Maricopa county attorney bill Montgomery's term governor Doug Ducey tweeted moments ago that he's looking forward to working with the dell who will be the first woman Maricopa county attorney once again a replacement for Maricopa county attorney bill Montgomery has been selected the Maricopa County Board of supervisors chose Alistair Adele we'll have more coming up at ten forty five AM for breaking news sent to your phone text the word news to four one one ninety two three vice president Mike pence is currently holding a roundtable discussion with Hispanic leaders in Scottsdale before the round table pence told reporters that unemployment rates for Hispanics are at a fifty year low unemployment in the Hispanic American community today is under five percent of the seventeen months in a row but it it only gone under five percent for a single month in the last forty three years pence heads to green valley next there he'll be talking about the U. S. Mexico Canada trade agreement Arizona chamber of commerce president and CEO Glenn amber says Congress needs to ratify that agreement that has been sitting in limbo for months so light that it quite that trade agreement is the most international related items the United States can address at this point in time amber says about two hundred thirty thousand Arizona jobs are tied to trade with Canada and Mexico and that could top three hundred thousand.

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